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When it rains it pours....

Discussion in 'The Safe Harbor' started by nieciez, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    My poor youngest DD Jenny has had an awful week. Now on top of it all she and her BF Nate have been in a motorcycle accident. Jenny had an angel riding with her as she just has some scrapes and bruises. But Nate needs our prayers. His spleen is bleeding, he has broken ribs/collapsed lung and he was unconsious for a time. First CAT of head/neck looks good, but they are going to repeat it. Naturally he is being admitted, so please, keep Nate in your prayers.

    Nothing I can do but sit here and fret.....I HATE MOTORCYCLES!
  2. conniecat

    conniecat Guest

    Oh how horrible. Hugs to you and best wishes for a speedy recovery to them both
  3. debowah

    debowah Guest

    Oh my goodness, what news.... Hopefully Nate will repsond well, his age is on his side, and they will get that spleen under control. Prayers for his speedy recovery and prayers of gratitude that your daughter did not have such serious injuries.
  4. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Oh Denise..I am so sorry.. and my prayers are of course with you.I am so hoping it's all ok..

    .I am worse than you..FLAT out Mark and I have told the children...we EVER find out there is a motorcycle amongst a one of you.. we'll both run it over multiple times with Mark's Mammoth truck!!.. and they believe us.=eek!!..then they get to "deal with their Grammie ( My Momma)..not a one of the 5 of them has the fortitude; or guts to take us on.....keep us updated.....:(..Joanne
  5. Tobyn

    Tobyn Guest

    I'm very glad to read Jenny is okay. Sure wish it was the same for Nate. He will be in our prayers. We are not fond of murdercycles up here either . . . .
  6. popcorn

    popcorn Guest

    I am so sorry to read of the accident. Add me to the list of motorcycle haters! Were they wearing helmets?

  7. JacquieP

    JacquieP Guest

    Prayers are on the way for Nate. Having spent many weekends on the back of a motorcycle, I am able to see both sides, but the bottom line is that when you are in an accident on one, you don't win. I was very lucky.
  8. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Oh my God, I am so sorry to hear this. Happy that your Jenny escaped harm, and prayers that Nate is out of the woods soon.
  9. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Thank goodness DD Jenny is okay. Positive thoughts that Nate will have an uneventful recovery. My DH and both my DS'es are cops in our town and they see first hand the HAVOC that can happen on motorcycles (td)(td)...thankfully because of this they would never set foot on one, but I agree with Joanne's momma, if they ever thought of taking a ride on one, I would pull them off by their EARS if I had to. Please keep us updated about Nate's condition and hope Jenny heals fast too. Special thoughts to you too, Mom. :angel
  10. H2O babe

    H2O babe Guest

    Prayers and good thoughts coming your way. I have driven and ridden on motorcycles since I was 13 years old. We own a Goldwing and have enjoyed many many great trips and outings on it. We wear helmets and we are quite well aware that we are very vulnerable in the event there is an accident. Nieciez - would you be willing to share how the accident happened? Was it driver error or was there an automobile involved?

    I will keep your family in my prayers.

  11. KathyC

    KathyC Guest

    So sorry to hear this. My 28 yr old DD had her 1st ride on a motorcycle last yr & fortunately for me she said she was glad her friend gave her a ride but said it just wasn't for her. Best wishes that Nate makes a full recovery.
  12. JANPEP

    JANPEP Guest

    Oh Nieciez I'am so sorry to hear this. Huggs for you & prayers for the kids. I hope by this morning that Nate is doing better. I too hate motorcycles & Brian has one. Keep us posted on how things are going.
  13. reggae

    reggae Guest

    Prayers for all of you at this very difficult time ((((hugs Denise))))
  14. maw

    maw Guest

    Niecie lots of prayers and good thought coming you alls way. Just doe3sn't get easier it seems as they get older. hugs.
  15. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    As stated - sorry to hear this but glad Jenny is okay - will keep Nate and family in my thoughts and prayers!
  16. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Of course the prayers are going out. Hope the ICU crew are getting his conditions under control. The road rash and ribs are a minor issue. It's the spleen that is of much greater concern. Hope Nate recovers and learns ....Somehow, I have a feeling that Miss Jenny has learned the lesson.

    soap-box time ...

    Have been there myself (more than once). So, can also see both sides. I'm dense. It took me two accidents tofinally 'get it'. I now have permanent disability of the left leg and the left hand. Think about that word PERMANENT folks. Another word for permanent disability is: 'lucky' ... I lived!

    Wearing a full-head helmet and leathers only serves to keep all the body parts in the same location, so they can be recovered easier. I've picked up too many riders frome the local roads ... using a spatula, a sponge and Zip-Lock baggies! At least the summer accidents are easier ...the flies give away the location of the missing parts. Not my favorite way to spend an afternoon. It's pretty hard to have an open casket service when the remains look like something poured out of a Cuisinart!
  17. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    Prayers and good thoughts are on the way for Jenny and Nat.
  18. kitten

    kitten Guest

    Prayer's, Hug's coming to Jenny & Nates way. Please keep us posted on Nate. :angel
  19. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Jenny called early this a.m.....she hasn't been able to see Nate yet but last evening his lung capacity was back to normal. She said they expected a 5 day or there abouts hospital stay then a 6-8 week recovery time of taking it easy. Nate works in the IT areas but I don't know if he needs to hump computers around or he just sits at a desk =huh

    The accident happended while on a county asphalt road, into a curve about 35-40 mph they hit some gravel on the road and the rear tire skidded and Nate lost control is how Jenny explained it.
  20. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    My last (and final) motorcycle accident was precipitated by one golfball-sized piece of gravel in the left lane, left track (left side of the driving lane). Closest to the median strip. Hit it with the front tire. Wobbled a bit. Went off onto the shoulder, then into the median. Figured I'd just slow it down, come to a full stop and then get back on the road. Unfortunately, we had had a Georgia thunderstorm the night before and the grass was more like a wet sponge. OK, going to get wet, but no big deal. Wrong. Very slippery. The bike went down for the first time and rebounded. Knew that the next time the bike was going to go down for good. So, when it dropped the second time, I bailed out, tucking into a ball so I could roll to a stop without letting the arms and legs flop around. Ended up in a seated position, on my right side with my left arm drapped over my abdomen, and sliding face first toward an elevated manhole. Impact was belly first, at around 55 mph! Woke up in the ambulance. Two surgeries for the hand restored it to nearly full function. Unfortunately there was a permanent loss of about 50% of grip strength. That kind of brought my airborne abilities to a screaching halt. Follow-up assignments were to admin/puke-type positions (flying a desk stuff). No longer able to fully function in the Airborne/Ranger/Special Forces field pretty much ended my career advancement. Ended up retiring as a Captain after 23 years service ....

    Bitter? Yeah. But, at myself for being so darn stupid !!!

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