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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by ROSS, May 13, 2004.

  1. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    I have just read another review on Celebrity that indicated uneven service by the Cabin Steward. The complaint was attitude, room service and a dirty shower stall. Once in a while these things happen and you should be ready to deal with a situation like this. Why let it spoil your cruise???

    If this happened to me I would call the Head Housekeeper and try to arrange a meeting with him/her and the Hotel Manager. Provided that my requests had been reasonable and my expectations were reasonable: I would try to resolve the issue before the problem went on unchecked. It is important to address the situation sooner than later. I would not try to argue with the Cabin Steward...if he /she already has shown a hostile side.

    I have seen instances (and these are very rare on Celebrity) where the pax let the situation slide and then finally ended up in the Hotel Manager's office ranting and raving to the HM which set the HM against the pax. The pax, of course, was very dissatisfied with the response from the HM (little wonder) and left the ship in a PO'd state.

    If something is wrong (if you have been on a cruise/s you will know instantly) then go thru the proper channels to correct the problem. Most times this will work nicely.


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  2. daysatsea

    daysatsea Guest

    Great advice Ross!
    Everyone keeps asking what the head housekeeper does and why do we have to tip him? His job is to make sure the cabin steward is doing his/her job. If yourcabin steward isn't, then the head housekeeper (your cabin steward's boss) should be informed.
  3. ROSS

    ROSS Guest


    On our last cruise (SUMMIT) I had to call the Head Housekeeper 3 times to fix the safe. She came within 5 minutes each time and managed to make sure it was fixed properly. The next day she arrived (a 4th. time) just to make sure everything was satisfactory. I was impressed and I do not impress easily!!! You can depend on the Head Housekeeper.

  4. daysatsea

    daysatsea Guest

    I have noticed lately on Celebrity, the head housekeeper will stop by the room when the steward isn't around to see how things are going. I have also noticed that the maitre'd will also make a table stop sometime when the waiter and asst. waiter aren't there. On our transatlantic, the waiter or asst. waiter were always around - so he motioned for them to leave the area so that he could ask us how things were going.

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