When should I expect to see 2005 on-line deals/specials for Princess?



Hi Everyone

I'm trying to organize a cruise this February along with my wife and her family to the carribean.

I'm looking on-line and the deals for 2005 are very scarce if any at all.

This will be our 3rd cruise (2nd on Princess) but we've never booked this far in advance.

Thanks in advance

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Cruise cutie

very few online..call big broker cruise specialists..they got them ..because I've had mine for MONTHS!!!..:grin.;)..Joanne.

Lady Jag

I haven't seen any good deals for the first half of 2005 yet at all and I've been looking. I'm holding out hope that our July, 2005 Europe cruise will come down in price. Maybe around October the deals will start appearing for 2005? I think we're all just a little too early. :? :?

Suzy Cruisy

Deals are sparce, and I'm not entirely sure they'll get better. Folks have suddenly started traveling, and cruising in particular, in 2004. 9/11/01 scared folks into their homes, but that is over now and they are traveling in droves. Based upon the extreme up-turn in 2004, and just a massive booking season this Spring, the cruise lines are pricing 2005 accordingly and its booking very well. I don't think we'll see as many discounts as we did in the past.

I think the best plan, especially on Princess, is to book early, and hope for a price reduction. Remember, with a good agent, you will be able to get any sale prices that come up between the booking day and the final payment day, so there is no penalty for booking early.



Prices for cruises may come down a little. Prices for airlines have soared. In one week airline tickets from Denver to Fort Lauderdale went up a $148.00 per person for the same flight. This could reduce the number of people flying to cruise ports, which in turn may cause the cruise lines to reduce the prices just to fill the ships. Just a thought!


We have thirty family members sailing on the Star Princess to the Western Caribbean on February 12. We booked the cruise through an Internet agency (cruisebrokers.com) and have had very attentive service from "Pam". We are very pleased with deal we got, considering this is the "high" season, which included substantial shipboard credits and a bottle of wine for each cabin. You might try sending an email to pam@cruisebrokers.com and request a quote. If you want, say that Dorothy Olson sent you!

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