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When to expect Alaska excursions to be posted on NCL.COM

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by SeattleCruisin, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. I am wondering if anyone knows when to expect to see Alaska excursions for 2005 on NCL's website. I am booked on the June 19th sailing of the Sun and have been looking at the various excursions but would like to see what will be offered by NCL (and at what price!).

    Any ideas on what to try? I am a little too big for the helicopter rides (6'3", 270lbs). So far the only thing we are probably 100% on is river rafting in Juneau. Any ideas on what the ship may offer in Wrangell?

    Thanks for any info.

  2. flbratt

    flbratt Guest

    Your too big for helicopter rides? Is there a weight limit? I am asking because we wanted to do this excursion and my son is 6"3 and 185lbs ....we are both tall. I was looking forward to the helicopter excursion. :(
  3. calee

    calee Guest

    Yes there are weight restrictions for the helicopters flights but not height restrictions. The weight for a standard fare is 250 pounds......if you excede that you must pay an additional one half fare. Unlike airplanes, weight is very critical and the 250lb limit is mandated by the FAA. If one is over this limit he will displace another passenger so the tour operator charges an additional half fare to recoup some of his loss.
  4. DixieDL

    DixieDL Guest

    I was on the NCL website today and they have the excursion list now, but they still don't have the pre-book form on yet and I couldn't find any pricing. I think they will be on the pre-book form when it finally is put on the website. I have spent my afternoon looking over the excursions and now I just have to choose - that is the hard part
  5. calee

    calee Guest

    Yes, they have finally posted a list of excursions for the Sun, Spirit and Star....unfortunately they have yet to post any for the 11 night and 10 night Alaskan cruises on the NCL Dream which includes the port of Seward. I'm booked on the Dream's 5/19 cruise from Vancouver, return to Seattle, and would really like an early heads up on what they're offering for this itinerary.
  6. They are just teasing us now. NCL's website now has the information that was previously in the PDF available on the web but still no prices or pre-registration available. I am on the June 19th sailing of the Sun and would like to get pricing at least so I can compare with local options. Specifically in Wrangell. Has anyone used Breakaway Adventures before for the jet boat to LaConte glacier?

    Lot of restrictions on the Wrangell tours, age, weight, etc.


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