When was your first cruise and what ship was it on?


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Hi, When was your first cruise and what ship was it on?

My first cruise was Spring Break 1989 aboard the SS Galileo Galilei
with Chandris Fantasy Cruises. It made me a Cruise Addict.

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SS Galileo Galilei was an ocean liner built in 1963 by Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico, Monfalcone, Italy for Lloyd Triestino's Italy—Australia service. In 1979 she was converted to a cruise ship, and subsequently sailed under the names Galileo and Meridian. She sank in the Strait of Malacca in 1999 as the Sun Vista.

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My first ocean voyage was June 7, 1950 aboard Matson Line's fabled SS Lurline - San Francisco to Honolulu

This question sounds familiar, but I never tire of re-living the start of my love affair with ships.
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Hi, my first cruise was in 1982 on the Boheme, Commadore Cruise Line. It wasn't such a great cruise ship, then a year later I found Rcl Song of Norway and have been cruising ever since.


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Our first cruise was in 2000 on Majesty Of The Seas, southern caribbean, and we were instantly hooked for life as soon as we boarded her.


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My first cruise was a 5-day cruise in January 1996 aboard the Royal Majesty.

Edited to add: I was hooked on cruising before we even left home port that day!

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For us it was the Sovereign of the Seas October 1996. Our cabin stewerd, Norris, and our waiter, Armando, still stand out as our favorites. I actually wanted to adopt Norris and take him home. He made sure our small ocean view cabin was always neat and clean (not easy with me on board) and was always happy and smiling.


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1st was a cruise to nowhere out of NYC in 1975, some greek ship do not remember the name, but in 1977 took the Rotterdam and that made me a addict have cruised every year since then


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I'm a newbie compared to the rest of you.

First cruise was a 3 night on Carnival Fantasy in July of 2005. We were instantly hooked.


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Our first cruise was in June, 1991 on the old Star Princess, and was a roundtrip to Alaska leaving from Vancouver. We had the very last aft ocean view cabin and it was wonderful. Our "balcony" was a 42 foot open area on Dolphin deck just outside our door. In Juneau, we could see the galley crew two decks below us fishing from their windows.


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Mine was in the mid '80's on board the SS Azure Seas from Los Angeles to Ensanada. She was only 20,000 tons. Originally the Southern Cross, she was built at Harland and Wolfe...same shipyard as Titanic. :whistle:

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My first cruise was December 1990, Sky Princess sailing the Eastern Caribbean from San Juan, PR. 6 Ports in 7 days ... I was more tired when I got home than when I left. You know ... we might never be here again, we should see and do everything there is to do!

Ahhh the memories


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January 1989 Premier SS Atlantic. It was the first sailing after being purchased by Premier lines. Prior to that it was owned by Home Lines. It became the MV Melody after Premier's bankrupcy.