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When's your next Princess cruise?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Lady Jag, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. jckrebs

    jckrebs Guest

    Have three new cruises booked with Princess
    Sun Princess February 27th
    Grand Princess transatlantic April 16th and then staying on the same ship for a 12 day greek isles to venice.

    this will give us 16 cruises on princess, have also sailed on Carnival and Holland America
  2. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    End of Feb. to the S. Caribbean for 10 glorious days :dance .

  3. Pughaven2003

    Pughaven2003 Guest

    We are FINALLY booked.........

    Grand Princess Feb. 5th-12th, 2005!!!!!

    It's our first cruise and we can hardly wait!! Hope to meet others sailing the same time!

  4. jk

    jk Guest

    On the sun Princess with Mr. Einstein, the Cruiser, JANPEP and many others :grin
  5. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    4 day Alaska sampler on the Diamond May 3rd 2005 and 7 night coastal on the Island May 6th 2006.
  6. Paul & Julie

    Paul & Julie Guest

    7 days on the Diamond Feb 12th we can hardly wait.
  7. hansi

    hansi Guest

    Sapphire Princess from Sydney to Auckland 18 Jan 05
  8. fastscot

    fastscot Guest

    Island Princess 15-day to Hawaii from Los Angeles 9/23/2005. It's our 25th anniversary on sept 27th! Counting the days.
  9. We set sail on 1-22-04, Grand Princess out of Galveston, Texas for 7 days.

    Next cruise: Summit repo: Alaska to Los Angeles, 14 days - Sept 16, 2005.
  10. gaa

    gaa Guest

    Diamond Princess 3/26, Mexican Riviera, 7 days---spring break for our teen and her friend.
  11. johnandchip

    johnandchip Guest

    What makes a cruise better? Cruising with your best friend. This is John and I will be cruising Alaska May 7th on Island Princess (gulf-south to north) with my best friend Nelldean. My partner Chip and I have sailed several time before in the Caribbean but with scheduling not permitting him to go, Nelldean and I will have to have fun without him. This will be our first Alaskan cruise and we are excited about cruising new territory. As I have in the past I hope to meet with other cruisers. Getting to know other cruiser before boarding the ship and then meeting everyone is like cruising with family. So here's to meeting new friends. Let's chat before and look forward to meeting onboard.
  12. GloryJames

    GloryJames Guest

    Dawn Princess 7/11/05 Cruisetour Alaska....anyone else going?
  13. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Island Princess to Hawaii in March. Never been on Princess before and I'm looking forward to it.
  14. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    Caribbean Princess May 14th. Eastern Caribbean
  15. smitty2

    smitty2 Guest

    We will be on the Grand February 5th. Our first cruise with our kids.
  16. July 2005 land/cruise to Alaska/Coral Princess

    Nov. 2005 Caribbean/ Star Princess
  17. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    August 27, 2005 on the Island Princess - Vancouver to Anchorage!!!!!!!!! Can't wait? Anyone else going to be joing us?

  18. JC4me

    JC4me Guest

    May 14 on the Coral to Alaska!! Can't wait! We're taking a cruisetour to Copper River, Denali, Anchorage. Anyone else??
  19. Hi All :

    Me and DH and some family members sail on the Regal Princess on May 18th , 2005 out of San Francisco and cant wait. SO Excited this is our first time on Princess and also the first time to Alaska.
  20. Kgordon

    Kgordon Guest

    Our next cruise is on Star Princess, Dec 11th to Western Caribbean. We can't wait! We've only sailed with Celebrity and RCI. Hope we like Princess just as well!

    Infinity 12/01
    Majesty 9/02
    AOS 4/04
    Star 12/05

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