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Where are you from?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by jk, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. gram

    gram Guest

    :wave :wave :wave

    Joe & Evie checking in here from the subrurbs of Pittsburgh - GO Steelers! We leave this Saturday on the Carnival Legend to Panama, Belize, Costa Rica. Waiting for E announcement of the 2007 Mosaic cruise reunion.
  2. Charles

    Charles Guest


    Charles from Bloomfield, NJ. March 28 '06 on Sun Princess.


  3. ron3040

    ron3040 Guest

    Ron and Joan from Port Charlotte, Florida. Cruising on Liberty, May 31st from Rome for 12 days. Celebrating a belated 50th wedding anniversary...
  4. logcabin

    logcabin Guest

    logcabin checking in from Maryland.
  5. Princess Pat

    Princess Pat Guest

    Pat signing in from Atlanta, GA
  6. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    Chippsetter and Alaskanpeach checking in from Vancouver, WA. No cruises booked yet but we need to have another NW C@ Meet.
  7. lainie

    lainie Guest

    Lainie and John (BBJ, Big Bad John) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- where the winter weather has been oddly mild thus far -- 30's and 40's with rainy days and no snow on the ground right now.
  8. pormond

    pormond Guest

    Patricia and Barry from Washougal, Washington

    No cruises booked so far :( it's still early :)
  9. Christoffer

    Christoffer Guest

    Christoffer from Helsinki, Finland.
    Nothing booked yet.... if everything goes well I'll be cruising with Freedom of the Seas in Oct or Nov this year. Few weeks and I know more :jump
  10. Les and Dot from east of Toronto. Came off the Westerdam in December. Off on a land trip to Hawaii at the end of the month. Hope to meet up with a few @ddicts in Niagara sometime soon.
  11. Fasteddie

    Fasteddie Guest

    Hi Im Ed Tonkin from Salt Lake City, Utah
  12. Brian J

    Brian J Guest

    Brian and Yolanda from California. We are leaving for the Liberty 2-2-06!
  13. suer from Rochester New York. Sailing the Noordam 11/4/06. Hawaii in 2008 with the witch Maxine and hopefully her wonderful, sweet alter Marleejean and hubby. Who wants to join in ?
  14. tutak

    tutak Guest

    Tutak and The Boss checking in from sunny Akron, Ohio until Friday when we go to FLL to catch Caribbean Princess on Saturday.
  15. lizzitish

    lizzitish Guest

    Lizzi from the Jersey Shore checking in....no cruise booked yet, but we will be cruising thanksgiving wk of 2007.....will know where once Royal gets the itineraries out...LOL. Hey Haggis Hunter...my "mum" is originally from Helensburgh-just up(or is that down) the River Clyde from you....she's been in the US longer than she was ever in Scotland...but loves to go back home to visit.
  16. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :wave Joanne from Central Vermont...originally born and raised in Central West Connecticut.( HOME!!..)

    we have a 2 week Aruba land cruise in 37 days..sigh..and folks I am ready to crash at our time share..=sleep..:grin..

    .and ONE Year from today.; we fly to FLL....

    Whoo HOO !!...=bigwave..we are on Sea Princess RT out of FLL for a 14 day Deep South Caribbean cruise..:jump....

    sigh and If someone ( ...:grin =eek )..gets off the stick in 26 days.and declares the group sailing....we MAY be able to do a MOS@IC Reunion in Spring "07... :angel...
    :wave Joanne
  17. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    PLG Wrote:
    > hey, Pat here from Muskegon Michigan on the shores
    > of Lake Michigan.

    Well I'm in a small town about an hour South of where Pat is from LOL. Not on the shores but very near the shores of Lake Michigan. (Pat) I used to go to Muskegon every weekend for some good ol' hockey games :grin :thumb

    However, I'm closer to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its cold and only gonna get colder here! I have no cruise booked at this time, but doggone I need one!!!! I'm SO going through withdrawls. Do they have some sort of medication for Cruise Withdrawls? LOL..... anyway hopefully within the next year or so I'll be on my way! :grin
  18. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    Hello all! Bob here from Northport, Al. Right by Tuscaloosa, Al-home of the Alabama Crimson Tide! Cruising on the Caribbean Princess in October.Hope I can wait that long.:USA:AL
  19. mikeajones

    mikeajones Guest

    mike Jacksonville , Florida feb.13th carnival Legend 8 day southern carribbean
  20. mandlinda

    mandlinda Guest

    Mike and Linda......from Holland, PA.........we're booked on the Millenium this fall for a cruise to the Med!

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