Where did ERICA come from?



I've been watching the radar and satelite monitors and everything looked ok last night.
Now I get home and Tropical Storm ERICA is right smack in the middle of the Gulf! I sure hope it gets out of the way by Sunday. I'm leaving (hopefully) from New Orleans!


Hi Sodey,

Current predictions indicate that you'll make it just fine (then again, these storms are very difficult to predict!). It'll be a lot of fun!!!!! Nice seas, a lot of motion, I'd have a blast! The ship will be sure to avoid the hurricane and maybe even alter the itinerary, maybe even do something more exciting!

Maintain a positive, relaxed attitude. Bring some Bonine. Over the counter motion sickness medication you can buy from Eckerd, CVS, Walgreens, etc. You may even buy relief bands, they have them at Eckerd as well. http://www.reliefband.com. They are battery powered and they do work.