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Where did you go to get the best cruise price?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by DisneyCruiseFANS, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. What websites have you found to give you the best deal?
  2. Matt187

    Matt187 Guest

    I searched dozens of sites for our next cruise and found that Cruise.com had the best deal. Their insurance was cheaper.
  3. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    Cruise Compete is a pretty good place to start. You say what you want and you have a number of bids in just a couple of days. Insure My Trip is another awesome site to get comparisons of different insurances, much cheaper than most.

  4. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    I call Carnival and get the best prices there. I always have a problem with getting my docs and other info from sites and travel agents. The last time I went to AAA because they were running a special and I wanted to go in June. AAA couldn't find me a cabin anywhere in Cat 11 or 12 until SEPTEMBER! I went home and called Carnival and got the accomodations I wanted, got my docs within a week and everything was fine.
  5. megamind

    megamind Guest

    We wanted a quickie 4 day on Fantasy and we called Carnival. They gave us a price, then, we proceeded to shop around. Cruise.com beat the price by $150.00. Called Carnival back and there was no way they could match it. Others came close but, cruise.com was the winner. I like going through Carnival for the reasons listed above, but, hey, $150 saving will buy a lot of frozen thingees. I like the personal touched that my TA gives us, but this time we cheated and went the other way. Good Luck on yyour decision.

  6. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

  7. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

    I also use cruisecompete.com to get a ballpark on the cheapest I can find from a TA.
    I've found Bestpricecruises.com has the best prices for my particular sailings.
  8. RATBOY7223

    RATBOY7223 Guest

    i had the best luck with Walmart Vacation, it was $40 cheaper than anyother place when we booked it, but now we are saving $150 per person because every site includeing walmart went up on the price. Thank goodness we had already paid for our cruise =)

  9. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    we used cruisevalue.com and found them to be cheaper than anyone else. no problems with them at all, received docs about 7 days prior to sailing. for our nex cruise in january, went thru travel agent b/c we have 8 people/2 cabins and wanted to make sure there was someone local to talk to in case we had problems. also, this travel agent was as cheap as any website that i checked.
  10. BR123

    BR123 Guest

    I have an MBNA credit card and there trip insurance (death/cancellation) was free if you book with their travel company and pay with credit card. There prices were pretty reasonable considering the cancel insurance is included.
  11. kernfam01

    kernfam01 Guest

    Bestpricecruises.com. They were way lower than carnival direct and much lower than the dozens of other sites I shopped. I booked over the phone for my reservation, on their site for my parent's reservation, both ways great so far. I am still shopping all the time for a lower price, and still can't find one. GL!
  12. tutak

    tutak Guest

    Nancy Bogert of Cruise Planners of Pennsylvania. Everyone in our office here in Ohio books with her. I will finally get to meet her on the 2/13/05 sailing of Carnival Miracle. Our whole family is part of approximately 500 that she has on that sailing.
  13. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    I found good rates on expedia.I shop around. Cruise Compete is very good too.
  14. scuba-dude

    scuba-dude Guest

    We booked our upcoming cruise through www.bestpricecruises.com. We got a nice balcony room for the same price carnival was asking for a basic inside cabin.
  15. cfspence

    cfspence Guest

    I booked direct through Carnival to get the best price. vacationstogo.com has good prices also. Try them.
  16. DanielR2004

    DanielR2004 Guest

    Orbitz is a good price.... try there or Expedia!

  17. Babushka

    Babushka Guest

    I've booked 5 cruises now with Cruise411.com and they have ALWAYS given me the best prices and I shop around alot! They were considerably lower than Carnival, Costco Travel and Expedia when I booked my last cruise. I also called a good half dozen other places and keep going back to them. You can go to their website or reach them by phone at 1-800-553-7090. They are very professional and are always there when I need something or have a question. I have always received my documents a good month ahead of time and have never had any problems with them. Good luck!
  18. SandyBeach

    SandyBeach Guest

    I was surprised last December to find out that I could get the best price by contacting a Personal Carnival Vacation Planner. He knew about a discount that our TAs either didn't know about or weren't able to get for us.
  19. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    carnival prices for past guests, after a bit of patience wating for a special we were interested in (about 3 weeks), we just kept calling.

    Without the past guest discount we used Eddie Rowland at vacationstogo.com he was incredible, better than carnival for service and price, but this cruise he could't beat carnival!
  20. A lot of those travel websites are the same(expedia, orbitz, priceline, travelocity, hotwire). they even have the same available rooms. but if ur w/ triple a youll get a discount

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