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Where did you go to get the best cruise price?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by DisneyCruiseFANS, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. joej

    joej Guest

    We went with Travelocity, because I noticed that Expedia and Orbits charged an extra processing fee -- which Travelocity did not charge. And the insurance was much lower -- don't know why. I didn't know about the MBNA deal mentioned earlier. I tried AAA, but was very unimpressed with there level of service and knowledge.
  2. yes

    yes Guest

    Cruise Quick was my best deal. Insurance and all.
    Best luck to you.
    After much research you will be happy with what ever you get just for the fact that you are going and not staying.
    Happy traveling to you.
  3. djv316

    djv316 Guest

    We have booked a March 2005 cruise on the new ship sailing in December (Valor) through Carnival. Our personal vacation planner is no longer with the company -- were you pleased with your PVP...if so, what is his/her name and extension?
  4. Peggy

    Peggy Guest

    We've used Cruisevalue.com for our last 3 cruises - the best prices.
  5. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    I found the best price at mycruisevalue.com. I compared it to cheaptickets and to the Carnival website price and by calling Carnival personally. This was DEF. the cheapest.
  6. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    I use:

    and I take a trip.co,

    Then I call my TA to tell her what the lowest price i found is sometimes she matches it, sometimes she beats it, this time around she could not beat smartcruiser.com they had her by 15.00 i know thats not alot but its half my round trip transfers, so thats why i went elsewhere. I have found expedia and travelocity to be the same price as the cruiseline, and thats always much more expsnsive than a ta for the 3 cruises weve taken heres the comaprison:

    NOV 2003 on the fantasy, canival told us it would be 412.00 perperson on an inside gty... TA price 323.07 & we got an upgraded cabin at departure no charge

    Dec 2003 on the Grand , princess gave us 1009.00 per pson in a balcony,,, TA 727.00 perper with a 200.00 ship board credit.. had one of the best balcony cabins on the caribe deck

    Dec 2004 Fascination carnival booked out at 262.05 smart cruiser. ... 247.05

    I have never found the cruiselines to be cheaper//
  7. djv316

    djv316 Guest

    Who is the travel agent that you have used?
  8. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    djv316 i sent you a private message as im not sure if it correct netiquette to post that on these boards :)
  9. sweetdelta

    sweetdelta Guest

    I found the best deal on crownsadventuresatsea.com. They are based out of New Orleans and especially have the cruises leaving out of N.O. at a VERY GOOD PRICE. All the other travel agents were wondering how in the heck they could give me such a great price! I've used them before and I love them!!!
  10. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Crucon.com is also very good.
  11. dancer006

    dancer006 Guest

    This time I went to cruisecompete.com, and was very satisfied! The price I got was better than any on the web including carnival. I have in the past gone directly to Carnival for booking. I had five offers by the second day. TA's compete to give you a better deal. Hope this helps
  12. Skappy

    Skappy Guest

    Try Buy Cruises.Com. I have used them several times and they always have the best price.

    FLBRATT Guest

    I have used www.cruisedeals.com and John my TA has always found me a cheaper price then anyother site that I have looked on. Good Luck!
  14. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    I booked my cruise to 8 nights Eastern Caribbean through www. cruise.com (Cheaper than Carnival by $450 for two people). And then I later found a cheaper price through www.bestpricecruises.com (about $150 additional saving from the original price, also they offered $300 onboard coupon booklet for all Carnival cruises. I've called back my TA with Cruise.com. They have the price guarantee. She agreed to match the cheaper price and is currently looking for that onboard coupon booklet. After researching so many websites, they were by far the best prices I've found.

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