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Where do I go from here?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by saltysam, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. saltysam

    saltysam Guest

    My wife and I have a balcony stateroom, category BC on the starboard side of the ship. It is aboard the Coral Princess. Since this is an Alaska cruise, I didn't want port side because it would not face the mainland since this is a one way north bound cruise. I was asked if I wanted to be listed for an upgrade and said no. They would not limit the upgrade to starboard side only. I would think that many upgrades would be to the port side since it is not the more popular of the two sides. Am I mistaken in thinking this is an important feature? Am I missing an opportunity by saying no upgrade. What would they give me from a category BC?
  2. DJA

    DJA Guest

    If you like the cabin you're in, don't bother with the upgrade; these days, it wouldn't be much of an upgrade anyway, and you may not like it. I assume you're on Baja or Aloha?? Those cabins are fine. Even though you're sailing north to Alaska, it doesn't matter which side you're on. When they sail into the glaciers it could be either side, and they turn the ship so both sides get a look. When you're at sea, you're far enough off the coast so it won't matter. We stopped taking upgrades years ago; it's more enjoyable just to pay the extra and know you're getting exactly what you want.
  3. cruiserjanet

    cruiserjanet Guest

    I agree. We originally thought the side of the ship our cabin was on was important for this cruise and found out that either side was fine. In Glacier Bay, they sail in and back out if I remember correctly so both sides of the ship will see glaciers coming and going. They also spend a lot of time in the glaciers and they turn the ship around quite a few times at one or two of them so you will definitely get a good look.
  4. saltysam

    saltysam Guest

    I didn't realise we sail far enough out to sea, that the mainland is not visible. I figured the inside passage part kept land in sight at all times. The Glacier Bay viewing however, would have land on both sides but College Fjord not near as much. Perhaps I should consider the upgrade to get away from the bump out. We are fairly close to this feature and it might spoil our over all view. What do you think?
  5. DJA

    DJA Guest

    The point is; you have no idea where an upgrade may put you. There are higher cabin categories than the one you're in, that are in much worse locations. The definition of an upgrade is simply a higher cabin category, not necessarily one with a better view. Your current view will be fine. If you feel you need to tweak it; do it by changing cabins, not hoping for an upgrade that will give you a better view -- the slots have better odds than that....
  6. saltysam

    saltysam Guest

    Your right. I should leave well enough alone and quite trying to fine tune my reservation. If I keep playing around with it, I'm sure to screw it up. Being a Las Vegas blackjack player for over 40years, I know what the odds are on that slot machine you mentioned.

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