Where I spend my days....


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Yes, that is my studio. Den built my work station for me about 5 yrs ago and I love it.

I haven't done custom work yet. Right now I am getting ready for a show, we have 70 pcs made to sell. Since getting ready for the show, I don't know now if I really want to be in the "biz", right now I am struggling with it, see, if it is a job, it is not a hobby. I have to decide what I want. :D


That really looks nice Corky. Some very interesting pieces there. I love stained glass. We have several in group who does nnice work. By the way has anyone heard fromn Cat?


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That really looks nice Corky. Some very interesting pieces there. I love stained glass. We have several in group who does nnice work. By the way has anyone heard fromn Cat?
Thank you, Maw. And no, haven't heard from Cat in forever.


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Looks like a great place to get away from it all.... from looking at the picture I see you are very talented :)


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Corky, I love your studio! Lots of nice bright light! Love your work also! I too am a fan of stained glass! Good luck at your show!

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Corky, I hope that you do not mind me sharing my room with you also. I envy you all that room to work, mine is a smaller room that is in our garage. Einstein did it for me, and perhaps a few of the ways we utilized the space may give you an idea or too.

he purchased an unfinished kitchen cabinet for the one side, and it works very well. he found the counter-top on clearance sale also.
He built the small shelf above it that holds small items, it is edged with a small strip of wood so that nothing can fall off onto a piece of glass.

my glass is stored at the end of this cabinet in the right, as it does not reach the wall, and there is about a foot of open storage room. I put a piece of carpet down for the glass to sit on. I do not use dividers, as I am not doing this as a business, so have perhaps only about 20 large pieces of glass at any one time. I also have a small strip of wood edging along that open end of the counter also, so that nothing falls off onto the stored glass.

Those rulers and tool on the walls are outlined, so that I can put them back in the same place every time, it sounds fussy.. but is a great organization tool.

In the drawers I used a lot of the plastic trays to hold things. And even more of the trays that bulk meats come in for holding all those scraps of glass that we glass crafters gather.

And I took pictures of my sliding work station in one of the drawers for you to see.

You can see my light box that he also constructed for me to copy patterns on.

and I do not know if I did this right.. but here is (hopefully) a link to my stained glass album.

http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk227/portwaygirls/crafts/Stained Glass/
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Hooked.. we told you ages ago.. the door is always open for you and Connie. it would be our pleasure to have you stay.
But as you can see.. you can back in and right out of my glassroom :)
there is only room for me to work.
All that room and wonderful light that corky has me green with envy


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Red, you have a very nice and organized work area. I tried to get to the album but I do not have Photobucket account and it is asking for a password.

I have my own room in the finished part of the basement but will not take pics now as it is a mess!!! I guess I have my own way of organizing things :D
I do find now that I am making jewelry however I need to be a bit more
organized than I was or else I might buy some of the same beads that I already have...