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I know that you are on your way out today..
but I will take a photo of the trays and post it here later on today.
I even marked inches on some of them to help.

have a good day corky.. and check back later to the stained glass ramble :)


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Red - Thanks, I appreciate you going thru your suncatch patterns for me. :)

Right now I am working on Santa hats...and my friend is working on those old time Christmas lightbulbs...the big bulbs...we'll "string" them somehow. My sister came up with that idea yesterday, so my friend drew it out and away she went.

I too prefer larger pieces to work on and can't wait to get back at it.

I've just put the gloves on my shopping list for today. I will look for the ones with the rubber dots on the finger tips. :thumbup:


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I know that you are on your way out today..
but I will take a photo of the trays and post it here later on today.
I even marked inches on some of them to help.

have a good day corky.. and check back later to the stained glass ramble :)
Ha! I was just getting ready to basically say the same thing. :D

Later gator!!


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Red, loved your pics of your work! My favorite was the fairy with the calla lilies and of course your parrot pieces :)

Corky, my workspace is like yours... I keep having pliers, wire and such walk off also and then it magically appears the next time I am working :D

One of the stained glass studios near my house is offering a class in lampwork bead making. I keep saying that I am going
to take the class but haven't. Maybe after the 1st of the year. I don't know me and fire.....
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You both are so talented....I am really envious. I am happy to say that I am a proud owner of many pieces by Red and really treasure them.

red stripe

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Jk and denise.. welcome to the Corky and red blog :)

Janice, with your eye for design and colour, you would do great with this. remember.. I have a pieces of your (spelling) incostive? work.

Denise, I am glad that you enjoy them. That is the reason Corky and I get the cut fingers. lol

OK Corky, here are a few pics of those boards. I have about three sizes. The main thing is to use wood that is not warped, measure and cut according to your square, and then nail on those edging strips.
here is the first shot. Note that because I make those circles for out in the garden for all seasons.. I have drawn one on the board, plus a few straight lines for sizes I use often.

I put in this insulation board, it is black on one side and grey on the other, and you can buy it at home depot.. I am thinking "homosoap board" or something like that. it makes it so easy to use the push pins and the Morton bars to square the other side.

also note that I marked out the inches on the leading edges.

The paper I found at Walmart.

and the gloves...



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JK - give it a try. I can't believe how much I love doing this. And don't worry, you burn yourself a couple of times and you get a little bit more careful. :D

Nieciez - I've seen the pieces you have from Red, and I've seen Red's work that other people have gotten as gifts on the group cruises. She is an artist for sure and one day I hope to be as good. You are lucky to have pieces from her. :thumbup:

Red - those boxes are pure genius and I am going to build one after the 1st of the year. So much easier than what I do. And, as large of a space that I have I will have no problem storing it in-between pieces.

I didn't get the gloves today, I got busy with the girls having lunch and shopping and I just forgot. Do you use those at the grinding station or just when soldering the sides of a piece?

I'll look for the paper. The copied pattern would be more precise using that, versus me just redrawing it.

I rather like the Corky and Red blog. LOL


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Shipmaven ~ come on over and I'll teach you how to cut stained glass...it is fun!! :boogie: Red is an artist...I am merely a beginner. I do wish I had learned how to do it earlier in my life, versus just 5 or so years ago.

Seamom - Thanks...my house has big rooms. The spare bedroom that I have my studio in is the smallest bedroom upstairs, there are 4. The other 3 all have 4 windows in each room...two each on the outside walls. And, the best thing is that even though my house is almost 100 yrs old...each bedroom has a good size Step-In closet. The master even has two. A big linen closet in the hallway and one in the bathroom. Now, having had said that...there is not one closet on the 1st floor and I have 1 drawer in my kitchen. One. I've made do... :D

red stripe

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Good morning Corky..
those work boxes make it so easy not only to square your work in, but also to move one project out of the way if you need to work on something else.

Mary Ann, some people work with their hands and some with their hearts. Everyone has a gift.
Seamom.. I also envy Corky that work space.. and especially all that natural light. Corky can tell you how important that is.. duh! as a wonderful painter.. you know ALL about light :) excuse me.. it is late, or early.

I finished up the pumpkins for this group cruise today.. er.. yesterday, and cleaned them up and put the patina on them. Now to build the little storage boxes for them.

While I was at it I cleaned up my Autumn circle and hung it out in the garden.
The circles may be a good project for you.
I have a Spring flower, Autumn leaves, Christmas, Forth of July etc... they hang in the garden and catch the sun. I love the compass rose circle that I made.. one for a group cruise drawing, and the other for JillB. Now I need to make one for us. lol

I then got busy with pattern and found a lot of small ones that I no longer use, or have not used in all these years...
I will send them to you, hopefully there are some that you can actually use. :)
Please let me know if ever you are looking for a pattern, I have pattern books and a lot of full size patterns here, it would be no trouble to copy them.

And JK.. I have found over the years that although I do sometimes burn myself, and get tiny cuts on my fingers.. the one thing that can really cause you major hurts.. is applying the patina. It is an acid.. so can really burn when it gets into cuts.
So to answer the Question by Corky..
I use those gloves when soldiering a lot of pieces, as you can turn them any way you want in less time than if you are using a clothespin etc.

I use rubber gloves when applying a patina, to prevent burns.
I apply the patina with an old toothbrush, and then I clean it off at once. I have heard of people leaving it on for hours or overnight, you risk putting a stain on the glass if you do. I have also heard of people warming it up in the microwave.. I would NEVER try this.. I agree that it goes on better when warm.. but all you ahve to do is to warm the piece , not the patina.
So when I have soldiered the piece, and am cleaning up ready to patina, I first wipe the glass with a paper towel to get off any excess, then I carry them in on my work tray to the sink where I have placed a Rubbermaid washbowl ( large pieces go in the bathtub).

If they are cool, I add them into the washbowl, and add dish liquid, then start the water running cold and then allow it to really warm up to hot.
I then scrub the pieces with a nailbrush. Then I rinse them in warm water and dry them. They are then carried out and places on the light box, where they stay reasonably warm.
I put newspapers down on my work surface and then take one piece at a time and apply the patina.
when they are all done, I wipe off any excess and then clean them up either with glass cleaner, or Carnauba wax.

With patina..You can see the desired colour develop almost at once, so no need to wait around.

I expect that you already know all of this and more. But hopefully some of it will be of help.


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Red - incredibly beautiful doesn't even begin to describe your work.

I'll photograph the Pucci gift you gave me on the Duck Crew cruise and upload it here. I was speechless, as you know, when I saw it!


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Sorry ALL...I ended up running away for the day. :)

Red - the circles are genius. Have I used that word yet to express my feeling about your work? I'm starting to feel like a groupie. LOL

I would love a copy of the autumn one...If you copy it for me, just leave the spider out, I'll put more leaves over in that area. I am not into spiders. Can you post a pic of the other season circles you have?

Your pumpkins have turned out beautifully and the Hal cruisers who get them are going to be lucky for sure. :)

My steps after soldering a piece is: We have a bowl in the studio with water in it that we refresh every day. I then take the piece over to the bowl and squirt Orange cleaner on it, rub it clean and rinse it in the bowl, dry it, patina it, then clean again. Then I rub a finishing compound on it...which is 100% carnauba wax. They seem to come out clean and a-ok. The bowl is taken outside, dumped and cleaned daily.

I am going to work on Santa hats today and tomorrow. And angels on Tuesday. Then I think we have enough for the art/craft show.

And then it is time to start working on how we are going to display it all.
Which is....we have a family farm and the house is about 150 years old. We replaced the windows in it a few years ago but of course saved the old windows. I have two that the panes are out of...we are going to "hang" some of our pieces in the open panes...and then we are going to take the windows and have them face one another, and run dowels in-between the two. From the dowels we will hang the smaller pieces. Hope it works. LOL

Happy Day to all Art Rambler fans....feel free to jump in with Your Art...or, just jump in and discuss Your hobby. :)


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I am jumping in but I have no talents of my own to share LOL. But I have so enjoyed reading this ramble. I have had hobbies over the years...cross stitch, some crochetting, sewing but always simple projects.

Corky, I LOVE older homes....I'd love to see more of your's. I like to watch the shows on HGTV where they've brought older homes on the verge of ruin back top life.

Now Red is a women of many talents...not only is she an artist with glass but the work she does with lace is awsome too...and wood working etc. I love seeing what project she will work on next.

So, keep it going girls...I am enjoying the read and envious :)


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Hi ya, Nieciez!! Thanks for the Thread compliment. It's been fun!!

I bet your cross stitching and crocheting are beautiful. Feel free to post pics anytime. :)

I will take pictures of my home after I decorate it for Christmas and post them on a new thread. Maybe other C@'s will want to do the same. We haven't decorated in a few years since our son has moved away and wasn't able to come home. But this year he is coming home...YIPPEE!!!...so everything will come down out of the attic on Sunday Nov 29th...and the decorating will commence. He is coming home on Dec 20th and we are having an open house on Dec 22...I figured this is the best way for him to see family/friends. :thumbup:


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I bet your cross stitching and crocheting are beautiful. Feel free to post pics anytime. :)
LOL Corky, my cross stitch was very simple pattern for small round Christmas ornaments that I gave a gifts. And I crocheted mittens and caps when the two oldest were toddlers….30 some years ago. They are long one too. I haven’t done a arts and crafts type project in almost 25 years. I’ll take that back, the last project I did was the no-sandal sandals that Red taught us to make on the CL@SS cruise. :D


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Good day all.

Mary Ann, it pleases me that you liked my gift. I loved it that you actually posted those two different photos for me to copy. :)

Corky, your steps sound real good, and the carnauba wax is great.. although pricy :)

You can also polish them with a car wax.. minwax works well when I am out of the carnauba and do not want to take the time to go shopping.
and that "never Dull" is real good for sun-catchers.

and BTW.. you can use Orange oil in your glass cutter instead of kerosene or other oils :) it smells real good and works very well.

I did think of something just now while I was copying some pattern downstairs. do you have one of these? if not.. get one. It is a wonderful tool for making curved lines precise when copying a pattern.

I think it is called a "Flexible ruler"

so that and the sheets of the carbon paper for exact copying of patterns is about all I can think of for now.

The way that you are going to display your things sounds very eye catching. I will work on getting you the pattern of the circles.
I went to a welding place and they bent those wrought iron bars and bent it into a U shape for me.
I have two of them . it sets about 3 foot out of the ground, so there is about one foot IN the ground. 4 foot overall.

Thank you all for the very kind words, I can do a few things OK.. but if I could have ONE talent that I really was great in, it would be playing the piano.
One day I will have to buy a piano and take lessons :)


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I know it's more than obvious that little Pucci is my heart and soul.

One evening at dinner, early on during the Duck Crew cruise, Red handed me a neatly tied little box. In it was

Not only was I speechless, but I had tears in my eyes - the photos show both sides of a pendant/ornament of my little sweetie. I wore this on a necklace almost every night.

Thank you, Red, and thank you to all the other Duck Crew members who gave me heartwarming gifts, hugs, words of kindness!