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Shipmaven - that is an Extra sweet gift and one that I know you will cherish for many, many years to come. :)

Red - I also have the minwax, I had read that somewhere and picked it up. Although, I use the carnauba wax for the most part.

That is a nifty ruler and I will look for one the next time we going supply shopping. From where I live it is an all day trek to get to a supply house, shop, have lunch, then back again. So I go as few times as possible, and try to get everything in one fell swoop.

Ah, the piano...I took piano lessons while attending parochial school. The nun was 180 yrs old, she had no patience and when she had heard enough from me, she would push me off the bench and throw another poor student down onto the bench for them to play. It ruined me from ever being able to play the piano, or any other instrument for that matter. That was 42 years ago and I am still messed up over it. LOL :D If you ever do take lessons, I wish you a much better experience. :)

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well, I can already play "chopsticks" :) the ruler can often be found at any office supply, and once you use it you will be hooked.

Now off to get some jello... nighty night


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Thnx for letting me know where I can get the ruler. What a splendid idea to have a flexible ruler. :)

Off to finally read the two newspapers. It has been a full day.



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Corky, I had a old nun who did the same to me when I was six years old. Never forget it.

Really guys, you both are so talented when it comes to stained glass. It is beautiful. Wish I had the talent -- keep up the good work. love viewing the photos


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Thank you, Jeanie. I have 20 Santa hats to make today and tomorrow. I have the red of the hats cut out and now am working on the white parts. Then I'm making 10 more of the small angels. Then I am done. :boogie:

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A few more tips that you may already know.. or may have found a better way to do.. if so.. share with me please.

I have found that most car waxes work as well as if not better than the Carnauba wax.. and is cheaper too.

For instance. I am out of wax, it is a rainy day.. so I did not want to go out to buy some. So I went into Einstein’s car supplies and I found two waxes. I came in and cleaned two pumpkins. On one I used “Meguiar’s Cleaner/wax and on the other I used “Armor All†detailers advantage car wax.

Both went on easy, both cleaned up well. Both pieces shine. And the best part is that with the Stained Glass carnauba wax, it sometimes left a white powdery line around wire or details.. neither of these waxes did that. I think I will stick to using them in the future.

A home made cutter lubricant is 1 part kerosene to 1 part any lubricating oil. Keep a sponge, pad of steel wool or a bit of screening at the bottom of your jar where you store your cutters (no matter what oil you use) to prevent damaging your cutting wheel.

When cutting mirrored glass, score the REFLECTIVE side and not the silvered side. I then spray the back (dark silvered ) side with some clear acrylic spray or touch up the edges with clear nail polish.. Depending in the size of the piece.

You can make your own patinas if you wish.
One part Copper Sulfate crystals dissolved in four parts water gives the brownish copper finish.
One part copper nitrate crystals in four parts water gives a dull grey/pewter finish.

Linseed oil putty is a good weatherproof putty for an outside window.

I use old toothbrushes to apply patina, also they are good for cleaning around lead lines when polishing.
Make sure you keep them separate and do not mix them up. Lol

I have added a few more pictures to my stained glass album.
And this other album is kinda related… as it is either etching or working with glass blocks.

That is about all I can think of that may help you in your new venture.
One other thing.. if you have not made some "jigs" for your more often cut shapes.. you may want to do it. it will save a lot of time when cutting out multiple pieces.

Good luck with your show, and I am waiting for you to post your pictures .

Etching and Glass blocks
http://s894.photobucket.com/albums/ac147/posttoboard/etching and glass blocks/?albumview=slideshow

Stained glass



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How, oh how have I missed this thread?? It's been a great read and I now know why I don't do stained glass....I do however love the work of others and I do appreciate the time and effort that goes into it! I especially love how people who do it well "read" the glass and choose exactly the right piece every time....wings that have glass that mimics feathers etc. It takes a true eye to get it right!

Corky you have a wonderful room in which to work and your pieces are lovely! You are so fortunate to have all that light...especially wonderful when working with glass!

Red...I treasure the pieces I have that came from your workshop! They are lovely....and more than that, they bring back such happy memories.

Now....I have a stained glass angel with a broken wing....it's what happens in military moves!! Wish one of you lived close enough to me to do a fix!!

Thanks for the great thread.


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Red- thank you for the tips. I've copied and pasted it into a word doc for future use. I can't thank you enough for the time you've taken to give me all of this info.

Also, I looked at your photo album again. Your work is stunning. I can only hope that one day I will not only have as many projects done, but for them to be "somewhat" in your caliber. Practice, practice, practice. :)

Beryl - can you take a picture of your angel and either post it here or e-mail it to me and I will take a look at it and see if I can fix it.

I made a piece today that I will take a picture of in the a.m. and post it. My girlfriends b-day is tomorrow and I forgot until I got a call inviting us to dinner. So I threw it together. I hope she likes it.


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Beryl.. there is always the United states Postal Service :)

Corky, you are more then welcome. I will try to get that package of patterns off tomorrow.. er.. do I have your address?? hahaha better make sure and send it via a pm.

edited to say.. just saw that you also offered to mend the angel.
beryl, after looking at the work that Corky does.. she is very well equipped to mend it.
I tell you what.. if it is leaded glass, then Corky has the stuff and the experience to do it .
But if it is the copper foil.. then either of us can do it.
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Red - I'll PM my address. Thank you for being so kind to share your patterns.

Here is what I made quickly yesterday for my girlfriend Pam. Her B-day is today.


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Oh that is so pretty. She will love it.

I will get those patterns off to you in the next day or two. I thought of a few more tips and wrote them down for you also.
Tell your friend 'Happy Birthday"
and thanks for the address .. it sure helps with the mailing.


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Thank you, Red. I had to think quickly on what could I make quickly and I have a bunch of bevel glass from old decorative porch lights...so I threw that and some scrap glass together and a gift is born. :thumbup:

No rush on the patterns as I know you are swamped. Just whenever. :)


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Right....here are a couple of photos of my broken angel....like we mortals she is very imperfect. In fact, after I hauled her out of storage I noticed even more damage on her...I'm not sure she is worth fixing but she is still a treasure!

You can clearly see the broken glass in the right panel of her skirt. There is also a little damage on the middle panel. The glass is irridescent pink.

She also has a crack in the "V" of her wing (by the candy cane)...this I noticed for the first time today! That's what happens when you eat candy....you crack! :(

This is one of my treasures...broken or not...She was made by the wife of the Australian Air Attache for me when we were in Washington DC !

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Well, at least I am done with the stained glass :)

finished the two shells.
I only had 11 pieces to make for this cruise.. I would hate to have had to make all the items that you did.
here is shell one and two.

Now I can clean up and get ready to start sewing tomorrow.


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Red - loved the shells...the orange was is my favorite...only because I cannot imagine the pain it was to bring all of the lines together on the 1st one. You did a great job!

Beryl - your poor little angel. Approx. how old is she?

Red - do you think we can Match the glass for Beryls angel? Will the age of the piece make a difference on being able to find the glass to match?

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She is beautiful. copying the pattern in my mind :)

Corky is right about age sometimes stopping you from finding a total match.
It is hard to tell in a photo, but that glass in the skirt may still be around.

She looks copper foiled and not leaded. right?

how tall is she?

What a lovely gift. The only thing I have left from Suzanna is a crochet picture she made. sadly I have none of the Slovakian china she gave to me over the years.

up to you who you send it to. lol as you can see by the work that Corky does that she is well able to do a great job.


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red....she is about 16 inches tall. Copper foiled or leaded ... I don't know. How do I tell?

Corky...I think I received her about Christmastime in 1997.

Red...did you see my PM...I think I will just bring her along on a cruise with me one day when you and Corky will be aboard...you can fight over her :D !

By the way red...I love those shells! Wouldn't they look wonderful in a guest bathroom!

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If it is dead, it will look like the lines are totally uniform, machine made, with small soldier spots where the junctions are.
if it is copper foil, then it will not be totally even and uniform.

OK.. when you do lead came. you cut the glass and then place a piece of lead came that has a groove in it, think H shaped and laying on it's side..

the glass goes into the H Chanel.
then another piece of glass is cut and fitted into the other side of the H.
As you are starting with a manufactured item (the lead came) it is the same thickness all over.

Now Copper foil, you cut the glass and then take a 3/16 or 7/32nd piece of copper "tape" and it goes on the edges of the glass, so that it leaves a tiny boarder on each side of it, top and bottom. then you do the same thing to the other piece of glass.

You lay the two pieces of glass next to each other and then you take a soldiering iron and a spool of 60/40 lead soldier. you melt the thread of lead along the copper lines, trying to make it nice and even.
this is done by your own hands, so there is bound to be slight differences.
Aghhh.. that is a really simple explanation :) but may help you with the identification.


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Connie and I spent a weekend with Corky and Denny a couple of weeks ago while on our trip south for the winter.

Our room was big. I stood in the hall way upstairs and looked around all I saw was doors? I felt like I was in one of those dreams where if you picked the wrong door you were in deep dodo.

I think Coral said 4 were to bedrooms, one to a closet, one to the attic, one to the bathroom, and one she wouldn't tell me where that went? :shrug: