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I thought about this last night, the easest way to tell is to look at my stuff and Corkys. Mine will never be exact. lol
Both take a skill, with the way that Corky does it, it takes an exactness to cut out the lead came, and the eye to place the lines in the right place, or else you could end up with a mess.
I did not have the patience for that, so I went the copper foil way :))

Hooked, so was it behind door number one.. door number two.......

Denise, I will have to churn one out for you later on. You are in charge of reminding me :)

As right now I am in countdown mode for this next cruise.
Today I thankfully finished constructing the boxes to hold the pumpkins etc.
I got my sewing out of the way.. so can now relax and prepare me for the cruise.


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Seeing that snow here today made me wish I was on the Halloweenie Cruise....That and the fact that I know more than 200 trick or treaters are going to show up on my doorstep! You have fun packing, planning and stewing! And Denise too!!!


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Beryl - you are more than welcome to box your angel up and send her to me. I will take her to Louisville, there are at least 5 shops to buy glass from, and I will try to match up her glass. If you do, then you would want to put her down into styrofoam that you've cut out the shape of her in. That is how Red packs her glass...maybe she'll post a pic of it after they get back from the cruise. But one way or another we can get her fixed for you. :)