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Where is the best deal on buying Euros


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I'm heading to Europe next year and will carry my Visa Debit Card as well as a Capital One Credit Card and will use them for hotel and major purchases.

I would like to pay inEuros for taxi, buses, and food in Euros.
I know I can use my debit card to withdraw euros at a network ATM at that days exchange rate is plus the ATM fee ($1-$3 Euros) plus my banks conversion fee (2%)

So if I want get $100 Euros
I pay ATM usage $ 3 Euros = Approx $4.20 US
My Banks 2% of the US equivelant of $140 US which would be $2.80 US

So I think coverting $140 US to $100 Euros now cast a total of $146

Does this sound right?

Well, after all that I want to know where I can buy $2,000 Euros for less some of the fees.
You can't walk into a bank in Spain or Italy with US dollars and no account and ask them to exchange?

What do you do when you want to have a few thousand Euros on hand?