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Where is the Norway Now?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by dawcruiser, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. dawcruiser

    dawcruiser Guest

    I loved the Norway. I was in the process of bookng her again when she blew up.

    Has she been sold and if so to whom? I heard if she wasn't sold for a cetrtain dollar amount she would bge scrapped. Did she get scrapped?

    What has happened to her?

  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    I found this on another thread ...

    NORWAY Reaches Cape Town
    June 26: SS NORWAY was observed in Cape Town today, her tug DE DA was refueling for the continuing voyage from Bremerhaven to Port Klang, Malaysia. Maritime Matters thanks Jan-Olav Storli Chief Officer Safety & SSO of CRYSTAL SYMPHONY for the update.
  3. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    It appears NCL's parent firm, Star Cruises, will probably use the Norway as a training ship, or as a casino ship (in which she can do one night turnarounds without the destroyed boiler).
  4. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Rumors abound tonight that the SS Norway has been sold to a Chittagong, Bangladesh ship-breaking yard.

    I hope it isn't true, but this rumor seems credible. Maybe I should wait to see if it's true before posting, but other sites have been posting this rumor too.

    What a terrible place for the SS Norway's story to end.

    I've been doing some googling on Chittagong, and I found this interesting photo essay.
  5. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

  6. runner15km

    runner15km Guest

  7. l8gr8liners

    l8gr8liners Guest

    Star Cruises, parent of NCL, attempted to sell the ship to a Bangladeshi scrapper, but the governments of Bangladesh and India have both forbidden their shipbreakers from bringing her into the country. She has a great deal of asbestos on board, and the global environmental community has raised concerns that the necessary steps to protect the workers and the environment would not be taken.

    As of right now she is still anchored off Port Klang. Not sure what the next step will be. Jacques Chirac recently ordered a French military ship with the same problem to be returned to France. We could only dream that they might have the same sense of responsibility about the Norway. Her hull has plenty of life left in it, and she deserves to be preserved in some form.
  8. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    While the SS Norway deserves to be preserved in some form, who do you suggest should put up the money to do so? Governments have more important human demands on their treasuries. Corporations aren't going to do so unless the project expects to make a larger profit than investing their cash on something else. And we're talking about signifcant sums.

    All things eventually reach an end of life, has the SS Norway reach its time?
  9. l8gr8liners

    l8gr8liners Guest

    My logical side of course knows that you are completely right, and then couple that with the fact that she has been modified so much that she doesn't really represent what she was. Returning her to her original state would be removing the accommodations that are most attractive by today's standards (all those on the higher decks with larger windows and balconies).

    But there's still this pesky OTHER part that thinks someone should, just because how many more chances like her are we going to get? Nobody's going to want to visit the Carnival Triumph as a museum in 40 years.
  10. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    I disagree. By then, 40 years from now, there will some who first cruised on her and will want someone to preserve her.......as long as it isn't them.

    Presently, I wonder how much of the booze price increases are being used to keep the SS Norway at anchor off Malaysia?

    Someone is paying the port fees, and I'm afraid it is us, no matter how indirect it is.
  11. jsully69

    jsully69 Guest

    Take it from a seasoned cruiser. No ship, and I repeat, no ship, including those tacky hull painted ships will never come close to the Norway's class. I will never sail NCL again because of their treatment of the Norway, and I have talked many people out of cruising them as well.
  12. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    The NTSB finally released it's report on the SS Norway's boiler failure.
    You can read the full report at http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/2007/MAB0703.htm


    The Safety Board determined that the following factors contributed to the rupture of boiler No. 23 on the Norway:

    *Lack of adherence to water chemistry composition limits and procedures by both the water chemistry subcontractors and NCL during wet lay-up periods, leading to pitting from oxygen corrosion.
    *Failure to take number of boiler cycles into account during maintenance.
    *Severe thermal transients from heating and cooling the boilers too quickly and from constraints created by frozen boiler support feet.
    *Use of questionable weld repair procedures.
    *Lack of appropriate nondestructive testing by the BV surveyors and NCL inspectors to determine whether cracks were present.
    *Inadequate survey guidance from BV to its surveyors.
    *Failure to repair cracks into which copper had been inappropriately introduced.

    Probable Cause

    The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the boiler rupture on the Norway was the deficient boiler operation, maintenance, and inspection practices of Norwegian Cruise Line, which allowed material deterioration and fatigue cracking to weaken the boiler. Inadequate boiler surveys by Bureau Veritas contributed to the cause of the accident.
  13. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    [quote jsully69]Take it from a seasoned cruiser. No ship, and I repeat, no ship, including those tacky hull painted ships will never come close to the Norway's class. I will never sail NCL again because of their treatment of the Norway, and I have talked many people out of cruising them as well.[/quote]

    So you'd rather cruise Carnival? Yikes, that is a step backwards. Tacky hulls? You mean, unique paint schemes that sets each ship apart, which I think is brilliant and makes for better memories when you look at all of the pics that you take standing in front of a ship. I respect your comment regarding the "treatment of the Norway," but if that is the only reason you choose not to cruise NCL, you can't be that much of a seasoned cruiser. If they did something to you personally, that might be a better reason to switch lines. Because they are scrapping a ship because of the issues that they had with it, that is the companies business.
  14. theawesome1

    theawesome1 Guest

    Dubai was to buy her in December 2007 to be a hotel, then they discovered asbestos so that deal was off. The hull is gone already as she sits rusting away in the shallow waters of India with a new name of BLUE LADY.
  15. egh170

    egh170 Guest

    If you want to see what happened to the SS Norway go here. They have already begun to dismantle the ship. What you wil see is not pleasing at all.

  16. theawesome1

    theawesome1 Guest

  17. meriflower

    meriflower Guest

  18. dbrode

    dbrode Guest

    Here is what's left of her.

  19. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    It's even worse than that. Click http://www.midshipcentury.com and scroll down for a photo taken in September, courtesy of MidshipCentury and Peter Knego. Please heed the copyright on the photograph.
  20. AirSea&Rail

    AirSea&Rail Guest

    I am so sad over the loss of the NORWAY. I bought a piece of her from an on-line auction site and I now have the Viking Deck Direction sign hanging in my office along with the Safety Instruction card from Viking 108. The room that I had on my first cruise ever. When I look at it It makes me sad but yet happy.

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