Where is the Norway Now?



Have read the comments on the Norway. My first two cruises were on the Norway in the Caribbean 1999,1980. othe were big band cruises with four,
count em, four big bands playing every night. There were two dance floors, The bands bands alternated playing. Where else could you see and dance to four name bands ? These two cruises provided me my most memorable cruises. It is sad that this ship has ended up as scrap. It had a long and amazing history.
Bill Simon Vero beach, Florida


cruisebuddy said:
[quote jsully69]Take it from a seasoned cruiser. No ship, and I repeat, no ship, including those tacky hull painted ships will never come close to the Norway's class. I will never sail NCL again because of their treatment of the Norway, and I have talked many people out of cruising them as well.

So you'd rather cruise Carnival? Yikes, that is a step backwards. Tacky hulls? You mean, unique paint schemes that sets each ship apart, which I think is brilliant and makes for better memories when you look at all of the pics that you take standing in front of a ship. I respect your comment regarding the "treatment of the Norway," but if that is the only reason you choose not to cruise NCL, you can't be that much of a seasoned cruiser. If they did something to you personally, that might be a better reason to switch lines. Because they are scrapping a ship because of the issues that they had with it, that is the companies business.[/quote]

It is so good to see this thread come to life every once in a while. I originally posted back in 2006, and this thread pops up every once in a while. That makes me happy, and then sad. Eatleast people still remember the Norway. And for the very imature post that I am listing above, that was done 3 years ago about me. Tacky Hulls? YES VERY MUCH SO TACKY. Carnival a step down? Don't think so, it's the number one cruise line, and have bought up most every other line. Since this post 3 years ago, I have been contacted via email, u.s. mail, and telephone by NCL wanitng to know why I am not interested in sailing on their ships anymore. Each time I explain how the cruel treatment of the Norway sealed their fate in my eyes. I have gone on 8 Carnival Cruises since that post, and I have two more booked for this year. NCL on the Norway was my first cruise, and had they not thrown her away like they did, all of my past cruieses would have been on NCL.
They had several money making offers on the Norway, and Colin of NCL refused all of them, and did not want the risk of her being used as a cruise vessel, so they back doored her to Alanag for scrap.

I now feel no sympathy for NCL. I have seen several news stories on MSNBC and CNN regarding the financial status of NCL, and my friends, it doesn't look good. The new line of ship they are building is busting their accounts, and their passenger lists on every sailing is in the toilet. I predict either they go completely under, or they will be sold within a year. Either way, I will be extremely happy. They deserve it, and I hope it comes quickly.

On the Norway, I went with a total of four guests, including myself, and by the time the cruise was over, I had an additional 8 people that I now call best friends that I met on that ship. Since this cruise back in 2002, all 12 of us, and now 8 more that we met on my second cruise (on Carnival) go on two to three cruises a year. We have tried many lines, including Royal Caribbean, and Princess, but decided to stick with Carnival. I have many fond memories on The Norway, and picked up alot of lifelong friends that we met at our dining room table, and those memories and friends are treasured.

Bottom line, NCL is a cheap, nasty, lying company that scrapped a classic cruise liner. They deserve what they get!