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where to buy alcohol best prices e carribean?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by SUNNYDAY, Aug 6, 2004.


    SUNNYDAY Guest

    i was wondering where to buy rum vodka? last cruise i noticed the best price for absolute was right on the ship. but i was wondering if anyone has found any other hot spot in st martins or st thomas or the bahamas? please let me know
  2. misty

    misty Guest

    I don't know where your sailing but I found Grand Cayman the cheapest for rum and also San Juan . I found the ship to be cheapest for Vodka but wait til last day to buy it goes on sale.

  3. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Best place that I have found in the eastern Caribbean is KMart in St. Thomas. Locally distilled rum was $3.29 per litre last year.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    are you kidding me cruzman is there really a k mart in the islands
  5. We like to buy liquers so we have found St Maarten to be the best. There is an electronics /Jewellry store on the main street there, and also a grocery type store that you pass if you walk fromt he pier to downtown. Both are cheap. Kahlua 8.99 litre , Baileys 9.99 and Grand Marnier $20. Now just for Comparison sake that makes the Kahlua cheaper than most places in Mexico and the Grand Marnier at the Duty free at the US / Canada border is $32 USD a bottle. Can someone tell me how they can call it a tax and duty free store when there is obviously a lot of tax/profit or duty on it?

    Beer to buy and walk around with in a can, is 50 cents from most little stores in St Maarten(cold , obscure Dutch brands but good).

    I did not price any other French or Dutch Liqour (except the Grand Marnier) but I would expect similar low pricing.
  6. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    Yup defiantly K-mart.......has be K-mart.......need to go to K-mart! Just about a 15 min walk from the pier. Turn left on the main street. St. Martin is also a great place.
  7. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Right on the pier in St. Maarten there is a liquor store in the main building. I found the Mango Rum I was searching for and it was $5 cheaper per bottle than what it was when I spotted it in St. Thomas the next day. St. Maarten has some great deals on liquor as does the ship. Make sure to pick up a flyer from the onboard liquor store telling you what the prices are and then you can search for better deals on the islands.
  8. SATXCruiser

    SATXCruiser Guest

    St. Maarten - without doubt. Found best prices on Vodka Two years ago I found Stolichnaya for $4.00 a liter bottle.
  9. gkrebs

    gkrebs Guest

    St Marteen is your best bet

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    thanks st martaaens it is. good ideal about the ship list of prices i always forget the ship prices and then i have noting to compare the prices with. good tip thanks everyone
  11. usher

    usher Guest

    Belize prices were pretty good.
  12. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    Thats a long way to go form the eastern run.
  13. cmason

    cmason Guest

    I found that run in San Juan was an amazing deal. I got fifths of higher end Bacardi and liters of regular Bacardi for $4. Captaon Morgan and other flavored rum was even cheaper. This was in the dutyfree near where the ship docks.

    St Thomas had good prices on a few other liquors, but didnt beat San Juan for rum...
  14. ROCK

    ROCK Guest

    Any tips on how to get it back home without breakage? Needs to survive 2 flights
  15. joeyancho

    joeyancho Guest

    Try Kam's liquor in St. Maarten. The prices were great. They will pack it up for you in a carrier and send it to the ship. Also the prices on tobacco there were amazing.

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