Where to eat King Crab?



Heading on an alaka cruise (inside passage) at the end of August. Does any one have any recomendations on places where I can eat King Crab? Doesn't have to fancy.


My son Larkin and I will be on the Statendam Vancouver to Seward Aug29-Sep5. I have been wondering the same thing about the kingcrab legs. They should be easy to find. I was checking out restaurants in Anchorage and on has a king crab dinner 1.5 pounds for $50. Surely that can be beat. Which are you sailing on and when? Jon in KyLadyW wrote:

> Heading on an alaka cruise (inside passage) at the end of
> August. Does any one have any recomendations on places where I
> can eat King Crab? Doesn't have to fancy.


Good Question! We will be in AK 8/13 on the Visions. Hope someone else out there can beat the $50 price.


We are doing an inside passage on the diamond week of 8/28. Maybe it is just so common that this is a silly question to ask?


If in Skagway....Highly recommend stopping at "The Skagway Fishing Co." Was right next to our dock. Terriffic Crab dinner for only $35...I think it was a pound of crab. Family previous ate there & told us to go. We did & our party of 18 ate there as well throughout the day....they all raved abou it! It looks like a little bar, & it's in a red building.


'Tis expensive that Alaska is. King Crab was "fished out" a couple of years ago, hence a contributor to the expense. Try $5.00 for apint of milk in Dutch Harbor! Happy eating..


It is expensive everywhere!! But, definitely worth the splurge. We first had it on the cruise - and would have gotten seconds and thirds if we'd known how much it would cost on our own. But, after getting a taste of it, we had to have more - and wound up getting it for 3 other meals outside the ship.


Someone from our Star trip went to Annabelle's in Ketchikan and had great Alaskan King Crab.


My bother is a fisherman in Alaska (based in Kodiak)

As noted by others, King crab is now difficult to find due to over fishing. He maintains a set of traps for his boat (105', built for crabbing, now used for trolling for Pollock) Most King crab is sent south to the lower 48 for inspection before being sold. You may get fresher king crab in Seattle than you can find in Alaska.

On the other hand the Salmon is local and fresh....


Don't know about King crab, but we went on the Dungeoness Crab tour in Ketchikan through Princess. It was a beautiful boat ride out to where they pulled the crab pots up to see live crabs. Then we were taken back to George Inlet Lodge for a fresh Dungeoness Crab meal. It was the best crab I have ever had. The ship served king crab at dinner that same night. I had both that day and the Dungeoness was far better...but that could be because it was so fresh. I never realized there was such a difference between the two.


The Twisted Fish in Juneau is a good place for seafood. It is close to the Princess dock. If you want steak, the hangar on the wharf is good. I had a seafood sampler at the Twisted fish, even had salmon roe. It was really good. I get my king crab from my son in law who fishes it in the fall.


I was really hoping they would have King Crab on the cruise too. It is my favorite dish in the whole world. My husband has been watching that show about the crab fishing in Alaska that has been playing recently on television. He says his appetite has been diminished after watching how many people have died on those ships (or made a ton of money) for crab. The show had said that because of the King Crab being so endangered, the king crab season this past year is down to 3 days in the whole year they are allowed to catch them. No wonder it is so expensive!
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My wife (mcbarbee) had a craving for the King, too. In the mall adjacent to the Lumberjack Show there is a little luncheonette next to the liquor sotre/bar. They serve 1 pound of steamed King Crab with a side of clam chowder for $29.00. We chose to have the king crab dip for $8.99. The King crab was also the same price in Ketchekan as it was in Seattle @ $24.00 a pound (approximatly 2 legs). You can get frozen (it is all frozen no matter where you buy it) King crab at Sam's or Costco at $12-$14.00 a pound occasionally. I'll wait for a sale here.