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Where to go in Caribbean

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by mic813, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. mic813

    mic813 Guest

    Ok, I know this is a message board for cruises, but I thought with all the expertise out there somebody could help me out. I have scoured the web for info but had no luck finding any real answers. My friend and I are (both 25 yrs old female) wanting to plan a trip somewhere warm, and beachy about the first week in October. We have been considering the Bahamas, Aruba, Jamaica but we are up for any suggestions. We are a little worried about hurricane season, (especially since this year is supposed to be especially bad). I guess one of our main criteria is nightlife. We love dancing and would like our vacation to include a few nice bars/clubs. Basically besides that we just want to lay around by a pool or beach during the day, maybe try snorkeling one day or a little shopping. My first instict was Jamica but my friend was a little concerned about leaving whatever hotel/resort we were on, b/c she heard it can be unsafe.

    Any suggestions and advice would so appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You really just discribed a nice cruise :thumb But if you really don't want a cruise, The Atlantis in Nassau is nice and has everything or The Wyndam EL San Juan in Puerto Rico which is very nice and like the Atlantis has a casino and nightclub and is on the beach.

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  3. mic813

    mic813 Guest

    Thanks, for the info. I hadn't even thought about Puerto Rico. And I am definately going to do a cruise next, especially since the Carnival Miracle now leaves out of Baltimore!!!
  4. runner15km

    runner15km Guest

    mic813, Aruba is outside of the hurricane zone and the island is safe and American friendly. Aruba enjoys a very healthy climate, making it a year round paradise for residents and visitors alike. The average temperature is 82 F (28 C), with cooling tradwinds and the absence of tropical storms and hurricanes. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt therefore the rainfall is very moderate, averaging about 16.8" (425.5 mm) per year.

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  5. pnorth

    pnorth Guest

    Have you thought about Cozumel, great beaches, clubs, prices, and wonderful snorkeling
  6. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    Might suggestion was Aruba also. Are you from Balto. Check the travel section of the newspaper. They always have good deals that include hotel and air on the back page.
  7. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    I just posted our Aruba land cruise review..:grin and there is plenty of night life and dancing..we love that place and other than cruising every other year we go there for 2 weeks..Enjoy the research!!!...:)..Joanne
  8. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    You said you were 25 & want night life. If so, you are going to be bored stupid on most islands at night. Either go on a cruise or go to Cancun. Almost every where else you are limited to the resort you're in or 1-2 others nearby.

    I enjoyed my trip to Jamaica & ventured all over the island (except Kingston). Still I wouldn't go back for more than a long weekend. There just isn't anything to do at night.

    Yes, the Atlantis is nice, but IMO very little else about the Bahamas is. The 1st time I was there, I was uneasy being off Paradise Island in the day time, never mind after dark. It's gotten better in the last 10 years, but . . . . yawn . . . boring.

    Aruba bills itself as a quiet, laid back sleepy island. When I was your age my TA always said definititely not, you'll be bored.
  9. Rosie

    Rosie Guest

    I agree with Trish; either take a cruise or try Cancun. My husband and I like to fish and snorkel, so cruises are perfect for us. Also, I get to shop and we both get to eat wonderful food. I think Cancun would be my first choice in looking for a place with good night life. I would only choose Jamaica if I wanted to stay at an all inclusive resort and not venture off and even then I'd choose Mexico instead!
  10. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    See I told you that what you were describing was a cruise :jump and it can be so much less expensive than just staying on one of the islands. Plus you get to see a couple of islands in the same trip. That way if you really want to just stay on one of the islands you can see what some are like first. Pick one and go back to it later.
  11. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Although Aruba is one gorgeous place, I agree that Cancun may be more what you're looking for. I could be totally wrong because I've never been to Aruba at night, but I know that the nightlife in Mexico has never been a dissappointment! :)

    Also, as a side note...check out www.vacations.net for great prices (with airfare) for all-inclusive resorts.
  12. mic813

    mic813 Guest

    Thanks for all the valuable input. My friend and I that are going have been to Cancun twice during Spring Break, so I guess we wanted something maybe a little bit more low key then that. My biggest fear was going to an island there being only 2 bars to go to. We wouldn't mind revisiting the same bar/club a few times during the week, as long as there are some options. You guys are really selling me on the cruise, but we had already planned on the cruise for next year. My only worry about a cruise was I wouldn't have enough time on the island we are visiting. I want to relax and take my time. Its been two almost three years since I have had a true vacation. Any more suggestions/opinions would be great

  13. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    Michele do cruises this year and next :thumb I would in a heartbeat. Have fun with whatever you decide.... :)
  14. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Why don't you just cruise to two different places....for example, cruise to the Mexican Riviera this year and the Caribbean the next!

    Or...and I know this isn't the Caribbean, but you could try somewhere in western Mexico, like Cabo or Puerto Vallarta. There are TONS of bars, or you can just find a spot on the beach. Or snorkel, or find a beach-side cantina to laze the day away, or rent mo-peds, or whatever. I love this part of Mexico and have been often. It's such a blast.
  15. DiviAruba

    DiviAruba Guest

    I would also suggest Aruba. Lots of nightlife in town and out of the hurricane belt. We go there for two weeks twice a year.
  16. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    Lots of people who ponder cruising worry about not enough time on the islands. Unless you are a late sleeper, there's plenty of time on each island. Whether you take an excursion or just explore by taxi, the beauty of the islands is that they are not overwhelmed with loads of stuff to do. We used to always take the "island tour" so we could see"everything" there was to see. And I'd advise anyone new to an island to do the same. It's a nice intro and you'll satisfy yourself that you've seen the sights. Now we just go to the beach or take a snorkel tour. There's almost always time left over for checking out the shops or just relaxing with a drink at an open air bar. You'll find that some destinations are made for shopping (St. Thomas, San Juan) while others see tailor made for just enjoying the beauty of the moment (St. Lucia) and still others combine a lot of history in a small area (Martinique).

    We, too, have found the nightlife on the islands to be pretty quiet (with Mexico as the exception)
  17. bnyce83

    bnyce83 Guest

    Hi, I have been reading a lot of posts on "what to do on such and such island." But no one ever says anything about some of these people on these islands. I noticed you were looking into night clubs and stuff too. The thing is, whether you go on a cruise or just go to an island for a week... you really have to be careful, especially since it will just be two women in your group. I have been on two cruises to the carribean, and I noticed the same thing on ever island. The land is beautiful.... but the people arn't. They get in your face trying to sell you crap you don't need or just try to rob you. On my last cruise, we wanted to go to a beach, that was on the other side of the island (can't remember what island.) Carnival had taxis that would take you there, but they were pricy, so we decided to get our own cab. A guy told us he would drive us over to the other side of the island in his boat. Now, it was just him, by himself, and 8 of us... 4 adults and 4 kids. So it sounded safe. We hoped in and he took us around to another dock... where another 5 thugs started walking up to the boat to get in. I have no doubt to this day they were going to rob us. I am just glad we had 2 cops, and 2 marines in our group lol.

    The point I am trying to get at here is that if you do take a cruise, don't venture off into the island by yourself... do something that your ship provides... its a little bit more money, but worth it. Also, if you just go to an island, go to an all inclusive... and stay there. There are a lot of shaddy people on those island... so be careful! Oh, and have a good time.
  18. james318

    james318 Guest

    Cancun during the first week of October is very low key compared to Spring Break. Nightlife is still good, but it is not crazy.

    Puerto Vallarta was pretty nice. If you stay in the right part of town. The beaches are nowhere near as nice as anywhere in the Caribbean, and the water is pretty cold.
  19. Budracer

    Budracer Guest

    Aruba without a doubt.
  20. Smoochy

    Smoochy Guest

    I totally disagree with the poster that said the nightlife is boring. Barbados, at least, offers a wonderful nightlife with many great night clubs.

    In Holetown there is a really neat club called Baku. Take a nap earlier in the evening and get to the club around 11:30. They are open until dawn and had terrific bands when I was there. (There was one room -- I think called the dungeon (??) -- that I didn't particularly like.) They have a great dance floor as well as an open area by the beach where you can just sit, drink, talk and listen to the band. Note: most people dress up for Baku.

    The most popular nightclub on barbados is Harbour Lights. On Monday (and I understand now on Wednesday) they offer a floor show & dinner. I think the price was $35-$40 (US). That price includes the show, dinner, and drinks. It is a great time for a very reasonable price.

    Another popular club is The Boatyard in Holetown. During the day you can lay on the beach and eat at the restaurant. In the evening it becomes a nightclub.

    I'm not sure if this would be considered a club, but the Roots and Rhythms show at The Plantation is fabulous. It is more pricey than Harbour Lights, but the show is 'bigger'!

    One poster did mention that you should be careful. They were correct. As with most 'touristy' places, young women can be targeted.

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