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Where to stay in Seattle?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Kwilson51, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Kwilson51

    Kwilson51 Guest

    We are going a day early and are looking for things to do in Seattle and a great place to stay. Any one have first hand experience in this area?
  2. lianajerry

    lianajerry Guest

    I live in Seattle and will be happy to assist you if I can
    Things to do
    I recommend Pikes Place Market which is a must for everyone.
    I also send all my out of town guests to the international district and send them to Uwajimaya its a great asian import store and fab food inside.
    Places to stay look them up the web and narrow down for what you like

  3. LAN

    LAN Guest

    We are also coming into Seattle a day early for our Diamond Princess cruise. Can you help with hotel info. Should we stay downtown or at the airport? Looking for something reasonably priced. If we stay Downtown, will we need a cab to the pier or do some hotels provide shuttle service? What about airport hotels? Any we should look into or stay away from? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  4. jennie99352

    jennie99352 Guest


    I lived in Seattle for 5 years, and now live in Eastern Washington. I'd be glad to help anyone out who has questions on staying in Seattle. I agree with above, that Pike's Place Market is great. Also, if you are a family, consider taking the monorail from downtown to Seattle center (about 3 miles), where there is a science museum, children's museum, the Space Needle, and Experience the Music Project. Also, the shopping downtown is fabulous, as well as tons of fabulous restaurants.

    As to where to stay, any of the higher rated hotels in Downtown would be good. To me, where to stay would depend on what time you are arriving the day before. If it is after 5 pm, by the time you get your luggage, etc., I would just stay near the airport, and then get a shuttle or cab to downtown the next day to catch the cruise. The reason I say this is that the downtown attractions pretty much close up by 6 pm, and it wouldn't be worth the extra money staying downtown. The airport area is much less expensive. There are also several good restaurants near the airport and hotels, as well as a very large mall not too far away.

    Hope this helps. You can e-mail me with more questions, or post them on the site here and I'll try and check back.
  5. judischoll

    judischoll Guest

    We are also planning on arriving June 11th for a June 12 Princess Diamond Cruise. I have just started looking at hotels and was wondering if anyone knows of a hotel near where the cruise ships dock? Our flight arrives in Seatle around 3 pm...so I would rather just get something closer to the docks. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
  6. lianajerry

    lianajerry Guest

    The downside of where the Princess dock is that it is not close to any hotels. It is located in the industrial ports. Having the cruise ships dock in Seattle is all new. They have only been doing it about 5 years I believe.
    I have had several friends take the cruises out of Seattle and have not seen a hotel van there yet. Plenty of taxis however.
    As to whether to stay at the airport or downtown. If you are only there the night before go for the cheaper.
    Visit http://www.seattle.com/
    they cover most of the places to stay and eat while in seattle. You can also check rates on line.
    Hope this helps

    I enjoy staying at the Warwick downtown its right next to the Cinerama movie theatre that is great for watching movies at.
  7. jennie99352

    jennie99352 Guest


    Thought I'd throw in another suggestion. Like lianajerry said above, there are no hotels near the pier site. The closest you would get would probably be the Edgewater, however, it is probably the most expensive hotel in Seattle (easily about $250). If you are looking for something just for late afternoon/evening for the night before, Lake Union is also a very pretty place to stay that is close to downtown but usually much cheaper--it is located just northeast of Seattle Center area (about a mile away). I have stayed at both the Courtyard by marriott and the Silver Cloud there--both are very new, and right across the street from some excellent restaurants and shops, plus Lake Union is beautiful. It would probably only be about a 5-10 minute cab ride to the cruise ship from there. If you are going to have to take a cab anyways, I'd probably opt to stay here for a lot less than downtown. I think you can usually get rates for these from 110-130 a night. Most of the directly downtown hotels that are nice are usually about $150-200. If you chose to stay there I could give you some tips on restaurants--some of the best seafood restaurants in the city are there, along with some much more casual restaurants as well!
  8. jennie99352

    jennie99352 Guest


    I just checked on Expedia and travelocity. Travelocity had a $99 rate for the Silver Cloud Lake Union on June 11. That is a really good deal--you also get free breakfast. I think Expedia had a better rate for the marriott hotels. For $109, they had both lakeview rooms, superior suites, and jacuzzi suites. I think this hotel was built in 1999, so it is very new and a good choice. They also run a shuttle to four locations downtown. I'm not sure if any of the locations would be close enough to the cruise ship, but a possibility.

    Let me know if you have any questions on other hotels downtown or other places.

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  9. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    It's been a while for us to stay in close but what about around The Space Needle. ?? Hampton Inn I think was ok. I know there were some older places too. Walkable to the monorail and therefore downtown.

    editted to add: Don't forget the restaurants. Great town to eat in. Almost as good as Vancouver !!! Well maybe better but the $....you know. :)

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  10. LAN

    LAN Guest

    Thanks to everyone for your help. Since we're not arriving in Seattle until after 5:00 p.m., I believe we will probably stay around the airport. Any area/hotels that we should stay away from in the airport area, or hotels that would be more located (within walking distance) from restaurants in the airport area? Thanks again for all the help.
  11. jennie99352

    jennie99352 Guest


    The hotels around the Space Needle can be hit and miss. That is not the best area in Seattle for hotels, however, some of the hotels are fine. I had a friend that stayed at the Comfort Suites near there and she said it was nice (I think it is newer). The one that I stayed there in about 5 years ago scared me--I think it was a Holiday Inn. I'd probably look closely at somewhere like tripadvisor.com, or travelocity for some recent reader reviews before I booked one.

    If you stay near Seattle Center, I have one restaurant suggestion--Perche No, which is near the bottom of the Queen Anne Hill right around the corner from the Seattle Center--wonderful authentic Italian food. I've had some of my best dinners in Seattle there. The owners do all the cooking themselves--if you have a large party they will usually give you a ride to the top of Queen Anne hill in a limo complimentary. I believe they will also pick you up from a hotel in the limo, I think for a small charge. The wife (and hostess) name is Lili, or something like that. It is a very small place, though, so make a reservation if you intend to go there.

    The hotels near the airport are pretty uniform--the one that we always stayed at was the Red Lion Seatac (used to be Westcoast Seatac), but that has been about 5 years ago that I stayed,and mostly we stayed there because you could park your car at the airport for free for like 5 days--have no idea if it is nice now or not, but at the time it was like a standard hotel and pretty good size rooms. I think it is still on Frommers recommended list (under Westcoast name), so it is probably fine. It is directly across from airport, and within walking distance to restaurants.

    My mom has stayed at the BW executal at the airport, and she said it was nice for the price (i think about $50). I would look for one with free shuttle, and go with a good deal. I probably wouldn't pay more than $75 for a room near the Seattle airport-you should be able to get one for about $50. If you are arriving around 5, you won't hardly be spending anytime there anyways.

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  12. Gale

    Gale Guest

    We live in the Northwest and have stayed several times in Seattle, both to ship out and to just visit, see the Mariners, etc. Try the Roosevelt downtown or do try the Edgewater with a water-side room. The view is unforgettable and the ferries go back and forth even all night. The whole area along the water is wonderful with a trolley running back and forth. You can easily make it to Pike St Market for some wonderful people watching and fine food snacking. The airport is a long way out of town. You'll see nothing worth seeing. Another tip, if you arrive the day before, get yourself Mariner baseball tickets for that evening. Safeco field is a fun place to watch a ball game, even if you're not mega-fans. Have some famous nw micro-brew, get a hot dog and settle in (actually the food ranges from the humble dog to as fancy as you want). Outside vendors sell things much cheaper than in the part and Safeco management lets you take in outside food. You'll get some of that NW flavor just by visiting the ballpark.


    Gale in Oregon
  13. jam35

    jam35 Guest

    Are there any airport hotels that shuttle to Pikes Place Market?

  14. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    For those of you still looking for hotels in Seattle you owe it to yourself to use Hotwire for booking a downtown hotel. The downtown area is convenient to everything and you can take a shuttle from the airport for about $8 pp one way. Then a taxi to the ship is easy.

    I just booked the Red Lion Hotel for $51 per night for 6/25 and 6/26 and you can beat that! You can hardly stay at the airport for that price....

    Just select the downtown area for your search - the Red Lion is coming up as a 3***. Use the "view ratings guide" link next the hotel ratings to give you an idea of what hotel chains are represented in that category. In our case, one couple in our group took a chance on booking the 3*** being offered since there no Holiday Inns or Radisson Hotels in the downtown area represented. When it came back as the Red Lion the rest of our group jumped on it. Now were all at the same hotel - at a great price!

    Just my opinion....

  15. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Could you check on the exact address of the Red Lion Inn you have booked.
    where downtown is it? thks
  16. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    The hotel is the Red Lion on 5th and the address is 1415 5th Ave. It is right downtown.

    Hotwire Hotel Details

    Red Lion hotel on Fifth Avenue (Midscale)
    1415 5th Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98101
    (206) 971-8000
  17. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Merci, LEtue
  18. Ingrid295

    Ingrid295 Guest

    We are flying into Seattle the day before our cruise to Alaska and booked a room at the Grand Hyatt Seattle.

    We were told that Pike Place Market, Waterfront, Space Needle and a ride on the monorail were good things to do on a short trip.

    We just read a post on fodors.com indicating that Norwegian Sky is cancelled to Alaska for '04. We are booked out of Seattle on the Sky in late May. Does anyone know anything about this or where it is officially posted? What recourse do travelers have with confirmed reservations on the SKy to Alaska, paid deposits, confirmed airfare (not through cruise line) and purchased travel insurance if NCL cancels this cruise?

  19. PassthePeas

    PassthePeas Guest

    I agree with Gale.. The Edgewater is where I stay when I am in Seattle. Always get a water view room. (The windows open and you are out over the water.. They used to provide fishing poles, so you could fish from your room... but had problems with scales in the sink traps or something.. :lol ) I love the decor.. and the fireplace in the room is a neat touch. Enjoy your stay wherever you end up.. Seattle is a beautiful place. Dona
  20. jennie99352

    jennie99352 Guest

    the Norwegian Sky is being replaced by the Star Cruises Superstar Leo. I don't know much about the ship, but the guy from vacationstogo.com says that it is a nice vessel and should work well for Seattle. I'd call NCL if you are booked on the Norwegian Sky and make sure your reservation gets transferred over approrpriately to the new ship.

    Here is a link to vacationstogo.com info on this ship

    I hope the link works! If not, e-mail me and I can send you their newsletter with the links in it!

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