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Where to Stay in Vancouver?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by AlCruiser, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. AlCruiser

    AlCruiser Guest

    Hello All,
    We will be sailing out of Vancouver in September and are going 3 days early. I would love any suggestions on where to stay and things to do. Thanks... :)
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    We have all sorts of great hotels and some prices to go along with them. Have a look here and maybe get back to us with a specific question or two about one in your range.

    Alaska/Vcr Info on Cruise Watch
  3. joeysmom

    joeysmom Guest

    Check the cruisecritic.com boards too. There is a lot of info there including comments on room rates from priceline.com.
  4. Ashley

    Ashley Guest

    I recommend the Fairmont Waterfront! Great hotel, on the expensive side but worth it. Beautiful views, pool, literally two seconds from Canada place. It is right across the street. Great location!
  5. Sea Wings

    Sea Wings Guest

    I booked the Blue Horizon Hotel right on Robson St. Each room has its own balcony and is very inexpensive compared to the prices I have been seeing at the other hotels in Vancouver. We booked it for three nights precruise. Check out their web site. I think you will like their location too. Prices are in Canadian dollars on their site.

  6. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    Hotwire is showing Sheraton wall centre 4 1/2 stars Vancouver West area for 92.00 night plus tax. This is for 9/18/2004 We booked 4 blocks of 4 rooms total 16 rooms. This is better than 50% off. We were going to wing it and do priceline but could not get a bid even going up to 75.00 get accepted, everybody wanted to be together, and 92.00 for that quality hotel is not a bad deal at all.
  7. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Like Sea wings we like the Blue Horizon, we will be staying there for the 4th time in May after our cruise :)
  8. SeaCruiser

    SeaCruiser Guest

    If you are seafood lovers The Kettle of Fish was a wonderful restaurant our group thoroughly enjoyed! The atmosphere was delightful and the food was superb.
  9. kimmy

    kimmy Guest

    I have been lucky enough to stay in Vancouver for both business and pleasure more than a dozen times over the past 10 years.

    The Listel on Robson is my personal favorite.

    Don't miss Stanley Park, Granville Market (get there early) and then take a drive and have dinner at Salmon House on the Hill. The food is quite good and the view spectacular!

    It is my favorite city in North America,
  10. dusty

    dusty Guest

    i am doing some extensive research on hotels for vancouver. i am going to go with priceline or hotwire for downtown. a 4 star is a guarenteed good hotel and the price will be much better than booking direct. as far as things to do . i wish i could stay in vancouver for at least a week.

    dont miss--- capilino suspension bridge ( alot of people did not make it across but i did ), grouse mt., stanley park and the aquarium and sea wall there, gas and china town, grandville market is a great place to buy any kind of wine you could want cheap to take on the ship and there are museums and shops there also. the list goes on and on. try www.bcpassport.com to get some good info. they have a harbor dinner cruise that sounds really nice. and the look-out tower downtown is a great way to see the ships and sights way up. i hope this helps and have a great time.
  11. wildvoodoo

    wildvoodoo Guest

    My wife and I stayed at the beautiful Pan Pacific (which is right over the cruise ship terminal) in downtown Vancouver. It is a 5-Star hotel and it is absolutely fabulous. The staff couldn't be more friendly and the rooms are scrumptuous. We got a good deal on line. Our favorite hotel we have ever stayed in anywhere...
  12. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Vancouver is a great area. Do yourself a favor and take the Grouse Mountain tour.You can take a gondola to the top. Breathtaking!Lots to do once your up there. I booked on line its cheaper.Vancouver.com.
  13. marvholly

    marvholly Guest

    Booked hotel in Vanc. last year via priceline and got the Renasaince for about $45. Great hotel. Great location. About a hlaf mile walk to a bunch of moderatly priced resturants. Be aware, the town is almost as hilly as San Francisco.
  14. calvins5

    calvins5 Guest

    We too heard that Vancouver was great as well. We are arriving a few days early to explore and relax in Vancouver before our Celebrity cruise. After much ado we finally decided that the Fairmont Waterfront was our "best fit" hotel. Do check out Celebrity's Sea & Stay packages which is exactly what we did, letting Celebrity do the work......Enjoy!
  15. Caraleigh

    Caraleigh Guest

    Having just returned from our first Alaskan cruise, I wholeheartedly recommend The Metropolitan Hotel downtown. Two thumbs up!!! Their check-in/check-out staffers were top-notch as were our rooms. Best of all, it's only 4 blocks to the Convention Center/Cruise terminal.

    As I'm employed in the hospitality industry (nothing to do with The Metropolitan), I'm always making judgments and comparisons ... but would love to import The Metropolitan's personnel here to the Southwest U.S.!

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