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Where to stay pre-cruise in San Juan

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Tim and Elaine, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. We are looking at the AOS to the Southern Caribbean in Feb. 2005 out of San Juan. Would like to use an RCL pre-cruise hotel, but they all seem pricey. Condado Plaza, Wyndham Old San Juan, El Convento etc. Can you book your own and still feel secure like a cruise line package?

  2. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    Yes Tim we have booked the Caribe Hilton several times. Being close to the pier (8.00) cab ride it is very convienent. You can find reasonable prices on several hotels in the San Juan area. The cruise line price is very high especialy if you have a 3rd or 4th person in the room.
  3. edk77

    edk77 Guest

    Just returned from New Year's cruise out of San Juan. Stayed on Dawn Princess. We arrived one day early and stayed at the Hoiday Inn Express. It's one block from the ocean. Lobby is small, but rooms are OK. We stayed two days in San Juan after the cruise and booked at the Marriott. Nicer and a little more expensive than the Holiday Inn Express, but it's on the beach and has casino. Lots to do in San Juan and P.R.
  4. sseaver1

    sseaver1 Guest

    We are on the Serenade April 17th, and have booked into the Caribe Hilton...very good reports from other travelers led us to this...actually cancelled reservations at another hotel to take this one....booked online, now finding out that probably could have done better on priceline, but i rather spend the dollars and know what i am getting...hopefully a good decision.

    New Gloucester Maine
  5. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    Seasaver, the Caribe used to have the all you can eat seafood buffet on Friday nights. It was steep at $50.00 but it was an fabulous spread. Did you notice whether they still offered that? I would also love to know whether the Caribe is available on Priceline.
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Guest

    We stayed at the Caribe Hilton on Sat Nov 29. Loved it! The pool area is very nice and we really loved the garden area, they had swans and peacocks walking around. We were not impressed with the food at the restaurant at the hotel. Very pricey and not very good and terrible service in the restaurant. The service everywhere else was very good. We would stay there again. If you book there, be sure to sign up for HIltonHonors at the Hilton website. There are some perks like free happy hour and easier check-in and check-out. Take care, Shannon
  7. aileenw

    aileenw Guest

    we stayed at the inter-contential hotel and casino on rccl expense.
    we plan on going on the destiny in sept 2004. went on the inter-contential website.
    they have rooms for 128.00 per night. more pricey on the travel sites.
    look into it. very nice hotel.
  8. sseaver1

    sseaver1 Guest

    we are staying at the caribe hilton in april.....any idea the cost of a cab ride from the airport?
  9. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    sseaver, if I remember right it is around 20-25 bucks. About 20 minutes.
  10. BeachBum

    BeachBum Guest

    We've stayed at the Wyndham Old town and loved it.
    On embarkation we actually walked from the hotel to the ship (even with the wife's never ending luggage).
    The hotel is also walking distance to the Forts if you want to do a litlle sight seeing before getting on the boat.
    The hotel has a nice resturaunt and casino as well.
  11. sparks

    sparks Guest

    Don't pay regular price for a pre/[post cruise! Go to Priceline.com & bid. I just bid $80 for a resort level hotel & got the Caribe Hilton. With taxes,etc it came to $100 a night which is a lot less than their usual price. To see what others are bidding & winning, go to biddingfortravel.com.
  12. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    Got the Wyndham Condado through Priceline for $100 for a Saturday night pre-cruise stay. Probably could have done a little better but I was ready to book and get it out of the way. Go with Priceline and save some $$$.:USA:AL
  13. justcruise

    justcruise Guest

    Hi BeachBum:

    We’ll stay in Wyndham Old Town as a Pre-Cruise stay for one night. Is it really close (walking distance) to the Old Town and Princess pier? Can we just walk to embarkation? Do you remember the cost of taxi ride from airport to the hotel? This is our first cruise from SJ. Thank you for any info!

    Golden Princess 5/9/04
  14. imosoreal

    imosoreal Guest

    We ended up getting the Radisson in Condado from priceline for $80/night for October 2004. The reviews I have read about this hotel seem okay but I haven't seen much written about it on the cruise boards.

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