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Where will everybody be cruising in 2002 ???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Mr Veendam, Dec 31, 2001.

  1. Mr Veendam

    Mr Veendam Guest

    <HTML>Hi let:s see where everybody will be cruising in 2002 . We don:t have one booked yet .</HTML>
  2. Bob in CT

    Bob in CT Guest

    <HTML>1-6-02 Voyager.........</HTML>
  3. Dolphin

    Dolphin Guest

    <HTML>Trying to book southern caribbean for Nov or Dec 2002. Hopefully I will know for sure in a few days. :dance</HTML>
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    <HTML>1/12/02 - Mexican Riveria</HTML>
  5. <HTML>Carnival-Pride in April,2002..........</HTML>
  6. Chris J.

    Chris J. Guest

    <HTML>We're going to the Western Caribbean on the Monarch of the Seas
    on 03/04/2002 .
    Chris J.</HTML>
  7. <HTML>Canada/New England Golden Princess 9/21/02</HTML>
  8. Toto

    Toto Guest

    <HTML>February 5th-March 1st
    Crown Princess Hawaii-Tahiti-Hawaii</HTML>
  9. Bernadette

    Bernadette Guest

    <HTML>Eastern Caribbean on Explorer 2/9/02</HTML>
  10. Bibb

    Bibb Guest

    <HTML>Land vacation Honolulu July 1-14, 2002

    Voyager February 24

    If wife retires October 1st, who know? If not, another land vacation within USA during fall.</HTML>
  11. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    <HTML>Nothing on the books here, either; but will be taking a good hard look at Carnival Conquest sailing out of NOLA.</HTML>
  12. Boston's J

    Boston's J Guest

    <HTML>October 13 Enchantment of the Seas Eastern Caribbean yet again. lol Hopeful to book a Bermuda cruise for June.

  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    <HTML>We have booked

    Zaandam for February;
    Maasdam in May;
    Rotterdam in August; and
    Amsterdam back-to-backs in December.

    Sure looking forward to spending alot of time on those "dam" ships next year.

  14. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    <HTML>So.Caribbean...Adventure..2-24 & 10-27 :dance :dance</HTML>
  15. Judi

    Judi Guest

    <HTML>Volendam to Alaska in May, Ryndam to Sea Of Cortez in October, Land trip to Dizzy World in December!</HTML>
  16. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    <HTML>We're on Summit 11 nt. 2/25 and then NCL Star 7 nt. 7/14 with Lori, Barry and the Kids. We have 10 people in 5 cabins on Star. I think we've got you and your family out numbered, don't we Lori?

  17. maw

    maw Guest

    <HTML>2/10 to Western Caribean on Inspiration</HTML>
  18. Ed Tonkin

    Ed Tonkin Guest

    <HTML>on March 16 set sail on Celebrity Century a family reunion of 20 cruisers</HTML>
  19. lynns

    lynns Guest

    <HTML>rhapsody april 2002

  20. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    <HTML>Carnival Spirit SOuthern Caribbean in Feb. Hopefully 1 or 2 more cruises in 2002, but I have not decided on them yet. I hope to do either the Grand or Golden in 2002.

    Happy Cruising everyone!


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