Where's the Best Lounge Chairs on Orient Beach?



Can you please recommend a certain restaurant or area to have our taxi drop us off at Orient Beach on St. Maarten where us parents can relax on comfortable, padded lounge chairs with umbrellas, etc. and the teenagers have access to all the water sports (skidoo, etc)?

We heard Talk of the Town Lolo Restaurant was good BBQ, so any in particular close to there? (Also looking for a website for Orient Beach, no luck!)



I'm not sure of the restaurants on Orient Beach, but be sure to avoid the south side of the beach if you're there with your kids, as it is a very nude beach. :naughty Head a little further north, and your kids shouldn't see any nudity.


padded lounge chairs with umbrellas are all along the beach. They may differ in color, but all seemed to be the same style. The beach is awesome, whereever you are.


Orient Beach is a great beach, my favorite. There are any number of equally good places to sit. The water sports are in the middle of the beach near Bikini Beach. This is a nude beach, although you may see very little at Bikini Beach. Most is on the ends of the beach, especially the southern end, but also the north. And people will occasionally walk nude along the beach from one end to the other.

Others may feel differently but I feel that there is no reason to avoid these spots with children. I think that if you are going to a European island, why wouldn't you want to show your kids a European culture? It's just a more relaxed and healthier attitude towards ourselves, nothing more.