Which are the best inside rooms on Diamond/Sapphire?



I'm hoping to get a balcony for my first cruise (hoping to cruise Alaska in 2005), money may be an issue as there are a lot of shore excursions I would like to go on. The extra $1000 for two people for a balcony can go a long way toward excursions. Looking at the ships deck plans what do you think of the inside rooms (cat. H) on the Lido Deck near the front of the ship? Is that an area right where one can walk out and look? How about the inside (cat. I) rooms, Aloha deck, near the aft of the ship? Is there much of a crowd there as a pool is located right there? Any other suggestions?

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My best inside was Riviera II on the Ocean Princess..I would book it again in a heartbeat!! quiet, access to the pools, less people on that floor and just made me walk to be able to enjoy the desserts more!!..:)..:grin..give it a shot and see if you like it..it's the only inside I would book...=twocents....:daisy..Joanne


I have had an aft inside cabin (cat I) on the Grand and loved the location! Just steps from the Terrace pool and the bar and the Horizon Court. And since the Terrace Pool is Adult Only it is not as crowded as the other pools.

I loved that room so much I bookedc a similar room on the Diamond for 4/23/05! Who needs a balcony when you have a pool and the whole aft deck of the ship steps from your cabin?

I will say the only time I didn't like that cabin on the Grand was when they had the Island Night celebration - that was the one night of the cruise I had a headache and wanted to go to bed early - there was a lot of noise until 1:00am and then it quieted down almost immediately. But that was 3 hours out of the whole cruise - and if I had been feeling better I would have been out on the deck myself!


NO Front open public balconies on the Grand Class ships like there are on the Sun Class ships unfortunately as we have had some Gr8 inside cabins near those front public balconies on the Sun Class Ships. I think I would opt like Lisa above most likely if I wanted quick access to the outside and book one of thsoe aft insides as they are MUCH closer to the outdoors and those Alaska =photo Opts. :thumb Enjoy!!!



My favorite deck is the Lido deck because it is close to a lot of things including the Horizen Court. I have stayed on the Lido deck three times. It is so easy to go get a pizza or snack and take it back to the room and watch a movie. They have great movies on Princess.
If Princess offerred me an upgrade I would say , "NO", because I love the Lido deck. You also get better service on that deck from your cabin steward too. They are always around to assist you.