Which beach in cozumel help me please



Looking for the picturesque (SP??) beach,, for beautiful views, and good snorkeling... already been to chakanaab, and dont want to go again...

we are looking at :

Playa Azul
Mr Sanchos
Playa Sol
Paradise Beach

Anyone been to any of these, or have an even better suggestion.. we are in cozumel until midnight and want to spend the day at the beach.. not to far from the ship...

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we were just in Cozumel...we spent a great day on the opposite side of the island at a spot called Chen Rios...a restaurant with thatched roofed tables and great fresh seafood lunches (fresh-caught grouper full meal about $11). As long as you buy something you can sit at the tables all day. We snorkeled all day. The pros-no crowds. The cons-the bathrooms were quite rustic. We weren`t looking for a lot of frills..this place was ideal for a beautiful beach and snorkeling. It was about 20 min. by car from the dock. We rented a van from Budget as soon as we got off the ship because there were 12 in our group.


You aren't going to find great snorkeling at any of the above... try Dzul Ha for that. It's really beautiful. All of the other spots you mention have great ammenities and beautiful beaches. Another spot to add to your list would be Nachi Cocom. Good food, swim up bar, lovely beach... but again, not great snorkeling.


We spent the morning at Paradise Beach and then wandered over to Playa San Francisco next door. Went parasailing, got a massage, bought a carved shell... <sigh>
we had a very nice time.

We thought the beach was pretty nice, but we are in search of a better beach than those, if one exists. We might try one of the suggestions above, as we like to snorkel. There is a little bit of reef with fish at Paradise Beach, but you have to swim really far out to get to it. It's a lot of work for not much to see.


There is a little beach called Play Corona just south of Chakanaab by a few hundred yards. They have scuba and snorkeling there and a little restaurant with a few tables under grass roof shades. This beach was quaint and uncrouded. We were ther in April and there were maybe 15 or 20 people there. You can enter the water right there and the fish will be right there to investigate, about 100 yards of shore is a reef with lots of fish and cool stuff to see. If you like waves and pretty beaches you can go straight across the island to the east side, but I don't think the snokeling is as good.
Have fun.