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Which beach in Grand Cayman?

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by jwmcq, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

    After our Stingray City tour, we would like to go to a beach in Grand Cayman. Which beach do you recommend and why?
  2. mel47

    mel47 Guest

  3. LindaInCT

    LindaInCT Guest

    We are going to Grand Cayman next week, and I heard that Cemetary Beach is a good beach. That is where we will try to go.
  4. chuckg0413

    chuckg0413 Guest

    Hard to get to from the cruise terminal but Rum Point gets my vote.
  5. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Seven Mile Beach is easy to get to because, well, it's seven miles long. We spent a week in Cayman a few years ago and enjoyed every morning on that beautiful beach.

    You can either take a beach barbecue excursion from your ship, or simply take some cash with you, grab a taxi and have them drive you to a good beach access point. They'll know the best one. It's not a long drive at all.

    You can also get to the beach through one of the resorts, like the Marriott, the Hyatt or the Westin. They'll have restaurants and bars nearby where you can drink and dine.

    Happy beach-ing!

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