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Which Carribbean island is your favorite and why?

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by nu2cruising, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. nu2cruising

    nu2cruising Guest

    Please let me know...as you will help me decide which 7-8 day cruise to book!......:thumb
  2. bombero

    bombero Guest

    We absolutely love the Island of Dominica... While touring the island, we stopped for a beer and while drinking it, we said to each other (at the same time).. "You know, I could be very happy living here.".. Bombero...

    =bigwave :FL =bigwave
  3. Wheels

    Wheels Guest

    Our favourite island is St. Thomas. We have been there twice now. Have really enjoyed the island tour
    in the open trucks and of course Magens Bay. You are also close to St. Johns by ferry which is also
    another favourite with beautiful beaches.

  4. hct

    hct Guest

    Favorite is St John which requires a trip to St Thomas--both are clean, US, and absolutely beautiful. Also fond of Tortola & ST KItts--both have British influence. Tortola is small but beautiful & charming. On St KItts we liked the countryside & the town.. Barbados was also very nice with a good sense of history. Least favorite is Jamaica (ususal reasons) & French side of St Martin (very dirty)
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Aruba..we have a timeshare there..and while I adore going to all kinds of different islands for cruises..we love the snorkeling,the friendly kind, decent people and the beaches, entertainment and general availabilty to have a great time..there has not been a hurricane there in 150 years , and the average year round temperature is 84 degrees...:grin..that's my kind of island!!..:thumb...:)..Joanne
  6. St. Thomas for the shopping and St. Maarten for the beaches. Our favorite is Orient Beach.
  7. JeffFwa

    JeffFwa Guest

    I'm a big fan of French St. Martin and Aruba for the beaches, and Dutch St. Maarten for the shopping.
  8. tunaep

    tunaep Guest

    My favorite has to be St. John, if I could afford it I would retire to St. John. Just beautiful. and Quiet. and a hop skip & a jump to St. Thomas by boat. Second favorite port has to be Belize, some of the best snorkling & scuba in the world.
  9. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    St. Lucia because it (for me) is the ideal tropical paradise. The coast is lined with lush tropical growth and the Pitons (two quiet volcanoes) rise dramatically at one end of the island. It's also where my husband and I took a truly romantic sail down the coast, so there are lots of good good memories.
  10. jbest

    jbest Guest

    St. Thomas was our all-time favorite, then we visited Barbados, and it's a toss up. Now we're headed to Aruba, and I'm afraid it's going to be a 3-way tie for favorite. San Juan comes in a very close second to all of these.
  11. geeman

    geeman Guest

    My favorite is Caymans.

    Try the Tortuga Rum.


    Went snorkeling there and it was great.
    Going again this Fall.

    Dawn Princess 10/04/04
  12. Wicked

    Wicked Guest

    No doubts, St Maarten is our favorite, so much so that we're spending an entire week there in October! Staying on the Dutch side but we finally plan on exploring the entire island! Every cruise stop we've never gotten out of Phillipsburg, we love the shopping/beach and environment there so much we have yet to venture out! :)
  13. tispwisp

    tispwisp Guest

    Without a doubt:

    1. St. Lucia
    2. Aruba/St. Martin
    3. Cayman Islands

    HOWEVER, that may change after our cruise in November as we are going to 3 new islands that we haven't been to yet!
  14. gettropical

    gettropical Guest

    I would say

    1. Aruba -- wonderful weather, people, & beaches
    2. St Kitts -- beautiful small green island with incredibly friendly people (cruised there last year and loved it!)

    Hoping for some new favorites Feb 05 !!
  15. Christoffer

    Christoffer Guest

    - Cayman Island
    - Cozumel
    - St. Thomas

  16. ibecruzen2

    ibecruzen2 Guest

    st martin. cigerettes 9.50 a carton.=bigwave

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