Which category on the Grand???



OK, right now we have a Cat BA wheelchair accessible room (I am slightly disabled and walk with a cane) on the Caribe Deck. I have been told it is about 1/3 wider than a std BA and has the half open, half covered balcony. How much more room would we gain by upgrading to an AB mini-suite? We like to spend mornings and evenings on the balcony, how big a deal is the totally exposed balcony? Would it be like being in a fish bowl?




The wheelchair accessible cabin on Caribe is actually one and a half times wider than a standard... what they've done is put two wheelchair accessible cabins in the footprint of three standard cabins.

I'm not sure the mini-suite would give you more room, the cabin you have my be bigger. The real advantage is in the balcony, since Caribe's balconies are deeper anyway, plus you get one and a half the width... very spacious.

Mini-suite balconies are a definite fishbowl. All the other balconies overlook them and there's noplace to hide.

Definitely stick with the Caribe cabin, it's a better setup and you save money to boot. Although I'm not disabled myself, I've been upgraded into one of those cabins, and it was really great.

Lady Jag

We loved the exposed balcony that the mini suite had. We had a suite the next time on the Grand and didn't like the covered balcony. It was too shady.

If you want a lot of balcony room, stay with the Caribe balcony cabins. The mini suites have the next largest balcony (other than the suites).