Which cruise line???



My husband and I have been on only one cruise. Princess Sapphire to the Mexican Riviera in Nov. 2008. We loved it!! However, we are now taking our two teen daughters for a short cruise (to see if they enjoy it) to the Baja in May of this year. We chose Carnival because of all the good things we heard that kids can do. Being teenagers, they are easily bored with the kinds of things my husband and I enjoy.My question is... In the fall of 2010 I am in charge of planning a short cruise for 8 of adults, ranging in ages 45 to 70. This will be a first cruise for 4 of them. Half of them are pretty mellow, but the other 4 like to have lots of fun and be active. The cruise needs to be a shorter one because the newbies are worried they won't like it. I am thinking of trying Royal Caribbean. Maybe leaving Galveston to Cozumel and back (no more than 5 days). I don't want to duplicate the Mexican Riviera or Mexican Baja. What do you think? I'm asking here because I noticed several of you have cruised on all three cruise lines (Princess, Royal, and Carnival). Any advice you can give is appreciated. Thanks!!:wave


Well, I have been on all three too and I like all three. If you want to leave from Galveston or for less than seven nights, Princess will not be an option for you. For your age group I'd try Royal Caribbean. Just my =twocents


Ahoy there Deborah. I agree with Michael. Go with Royal Caribbean. I would add that you really want to go with a 7-day. Anything less is just a teaser and by the time you're starting to get into the swing of things, you find yourself putting your luggage outside the door ....



I also think Royal Caribbean is your best bet. My only advice is to try to avoid their oldest ships which will not
have quite so many active pursuits as thier newer ones. I also think the itinerary you're thinking of is a pretty
good one for first timers, but Calgon is right -- seven days are far preferable to five. Good luck.



Thanks for all the advice. I personally would like to make it a 7 day cruise, but one person has been very vocal about making his first a shorter one.

Parrot Mom

Don't even think of a five day.. by the time you get on the ship, get them acclimated, its time to get off... Most likely they will NOT want to get off the ship.. BTW I would urge you to warn your daughters on fraternizing with crew members or officers no matter how flattered they are.. and to give them a walkie talkie to keep in touch. Calgon knows what I'm talking about...sadly:daisy

Cruise cutie

=yeah that...tell "Five day Charlie" he's outvoted and take a hike..

.our one time on RCCL; a 7 dayer on their Voyager class Mariner of The Seas.. was not even close to our ideal BUT "OK it was a cruise".. we had a clutch of cruise @ddicts on board and that "Made" the trip.
it does have a ton of stuff for all kinds of folks to enjoy, and that's a GOOD thing!!...I hope you have a blast!!

=twocents...for what it takes to "close up your Home" make travel arrangements, get in pre-cruise, pack, fix work schedules etc, get there, get on ship, etc etc try to enjoy, and then 5 gone in a flash days it's OVER???..and you "could have had it be 7 days " cost wise it's not much different, and yet you will not rest up, and enjoy..it'll all be jammed in a blur...

=shrug...... I'd have a very serious discussion with Mr 5 Day Guy..and invite him to come "another time"..YOU are doing *ALL* the work..and he's trailing in on this, and Burning the deal, and the fun factor????..:evil you *ARE* a better woman than me..:grin..JMHO.....!! Happy Planning....:)..Joanne