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Which deck for balcony on Star Princess



Hi Everyone,
1st time cruiser hear. We have a cruise on the Star Princess in Feb. I've read some place that some decks the balconies are not private. Can you tell me which decks to avoid as we like our privacy.

Also, we'll be getting two balcony rooms next to each other. I noticed that there is a divider. Can the divider be taken out so we can have a larger balcony?

Thanks in advance!

Paul E. Ethier


I was on the dolphin deck, cabin 723 last year to Alaska. There was no cover. All upper decks looked down on ours. It didn't bother me in the least. It was a nice Mini-suite. Made friends with the couple right above us.

If you get a balcony with a cover you can't lay out and get the sun or see the stars above at night... (I'm a romantic)
I know that the doors can open to go between the balconies. I don't think you can remove them.

Hope you have a great time... Have a drink for me =twobeer :cheers



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We were on the Golden and had cabins side by side with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Our steward opened the divider so that we could go on each others balconies. I'm sure the Star would do the same thing. Enjoy!!! We're going on the Star on 1/16/05.


Aloha & Baja are fully covered balconies. Caribe is half covered and half open, but it's double the size of the Aloha & Baja balconies. Take Caribe... you can have the best of both.