Which Grand Cayman Stingray Tour?



Captain Bryan's might satisfy your husband's desire for a larger boat. They offer two different excursions on two different 50 ft catamarans. Catamarans are by their very design much more stable on the water. I cannot give any personal experience with them, as I have yet to go, but I have read many good reviews both on this board and others.

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Went to Grand Cayman a few years ago and booked Capt Bryans stingray city excursion. We went to a few snorkleing sites and to Stingray City. After our swim with the rays we were taken to a beach and served lunch and then ended our tour under sail on a beautiful Catamaran. I highly recommend Capt Bryans while you are there.


I c0ntacted Native Ways and here was their response. Is this enough time their price is $20 per person.


Greetings from Grand Cayman...and thanks for contacting us!

The only tour time that we have available departs the pier at 10 AM Central Time (11 AM ship) and completes at 12:45 PM.


The advantage of booking with the ship are that you know you will get back in time. However, if you book your tour early in the day you really won't have any problem with this. Smaller tour companies charge less per person and often offer a longer or more elaborate tour. The 10:00 - 12:45 Native way sounds shorter than the one we went on (which was more like (9:30 - 1:00). How do they describe the tour on their website? We took the tour which included the rays and two snorkle stops and it was great! It sounds like the tour they are referring to is a shorter one though.


I wish i knew how to post a picture on here but I'm only 5'7 and the water only came to my waist. I can't swim at all. but had fun. Feel free to book with other then the ships all the tours got back to the ship in more then enough time. The Cayman's have no dock so you have to bost back to the ship so trust me they will not leave with out you.


A vote for Nativeway here! We have used them three times and its been great! $25 pp and smaller crowds than Capt. Marvins!:USA:AL


I have been to Stingray twice. The first time the water was very calm and waist high, the second time the water was up to my neck and very rough. Guess it has to do with the weather conditions at the time.