Which is the best Belize shore excursion



Hey Addicts,

We have all of our shore excursions booked except for Belize. Anyone have any suggestions, comments, advice. What was good? What was not? I'll have myself 44 female moderately fit - my Mom, 64 not too fit, but not bad - and my daughters 16 & 12, both very fit. I want this to be fun but not strenuous. We'll visit ruins in Costa Maya, so I do not need to do it here. Please...anyone who has been here, let me know your thoughts!



I dont know if Carnival offers it, but see if they have the Air Boat excursion. My wife loved it. But we were on Explorer and got it through them. Maybe Carnival has it by now


i went there and it is a sad country i would say go no the tour around the country it is very cool and it is interesteding


If you want to book an excursion independent from the cruise line try Coral Breeze. We did the Shark Ray Alley snorkeling with them and they were very reliable and it was top rate. Here is their website: http://www.coralbreezelimited.com/current_category.15/tours_category.html

We have also done Goff Caye through Carnival and that was great too. If you con't snorkel but just want to do a beach thing, Goff Caye is great too.
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Mr. Utley

Cave tubing, definitely. Moderate walking which your mother should be able to handle, yet active enough to be interesting to your daughters. Book through actionbelize.com. Cheaper, fewer people and just as reliable as the ship's excursion.


I would recommend the cave tubing. Everything Mr. Utley said is correct. My table mates came back from this tour and they were very satisfied.
We did the Shark Ray Alley tour. Carnival played video almost none stop showing how the guide would swim out and wrestle with a shark. Having a new underwater video camera I wanted to get some shots of this. The boat ride was over an hour to get to the location. We had a very rough ride. Several people were so sick from the ride that they could not get into the water. I could live with this except when we got there the crew was afraid to get into the water with the sharks. They stood there arguing with each other as to who was going to go in first. They were speaking Spanish and none of the other passengers understood this, so I spoke up and had to volunteer to get in first. I have dived for years and know that sharks can be frighten away pretty easily. So I slipped in the water very quietly and had my video equipment all set up and working. I got about 3 minutes of video before the next person jumped in and of course no more sharks. Everyone else ended up floating next to the boat complaining that they could not see any sharks. Then to top all this The guide refused to go out an bring a shark in for us. He said, "the sharks don't like it". The return trip was just as rough. The seas were not bad this day but we sure got beaten up. The lunch they supplied was on a small isle, (should have been called a sand bar) Chicken and rice with kool-aid to drink. Very small potions.
In fact All of the excursions we took in Central America were way over priced when compared to any thing else we have ever done, including Hawaii. Strongly recommend avoiding the shark ray alley tour.

Lady Jag

Sounds similar to our Rendezvous Caye snorkel trip. Really was the worst one we've been on. I would definitely not recommend it.