Which Nights are Formal?



How do I find out which night(s) are formal dining nights? I'll be on the Diamond to AK on 8/21. I just discovered the schedule which suggested there might actually be 2 formal diners...is it acceptible (o great goddesses of social wisdom??) to wear the same cocktail dress twice??

Frank Black

There are 2 formal nights on a 7 day cruise. One is the Captains welcome aboard dinner and the other the farewell dinner the second last night.


Usually the 1st Sea Day and the Last Sea Day unless its the last night of your cruise then they bump it up to the night before the last night of the cruise. =shrug



You will have two formal nights. The first one will be on Sunday (8/22). The second for our cruise (went on the 5/8/04 Diamond cruise) was on Wednesday after the Tracy Arm cruising. I do say that you have a different schedule than we did for the Tracy Arm. You are cruising the arm in the afternoon where we went in the morning. This afternoon timeslot probably will bump your second formal to Thursday (8/26) after leaving Ketchikan because you leave port at 12:30 PM. Having the formal on Thursday would make more sense because it would provide more time between the port and dinner than having to be at dinner while still cruising out the arm.


P.S. - Being a man, wearing the same tux/suit twice is no big deal but knowing my wife, wearing the same dress twice would not fly.


Hi SeniorSitter,
On a seven day cruise there are two formal nights. You most definitely CAN wear the same dress both nights..........could even change the look with different jewelry, or a shawl one night and not the other, etc.............
Have a great cruise!!

Tracy M

We just went on the Diamond -7/17-7/24. The formal nights were - Sunday and Thursday (leave Ketchikan around 12:30 p.m.). They offer formal photos both nights, so if your interested in getting some pictures taken you might want two separate dresses. I wore a shirt & nice blouse on Sunday and black slacks with sweater set on Thursday. We saw everything from Tuxes & Gowns to suits & dresses. I think you could get away with almost anything. We had Personal Choice dining (highly recommend) and since you get to choose where you eat, you could wear the same thing twice and no one would notice.