Which Oceanview Cabin on Crown Princess



I haven't decided on an itinerary yet but leaning toward Southern Carribbean in February 2008. Can you tell me which oceanview cabin category, in your opinion would be a good choice, and why?

Gayle V

Hello Mrs T.

That's kind of a wide open question. The answer will always be that it depends. It depends on what you want, and what's important to you.

You need to sit down with the deck plans and read them carefully. Be aware which oceanview's are obstructed view. Note which ones are over or under public areas that may be noisy late at night when you're trying to sleep.

Cabins that are near elevators have pluses and minuses. They give you the convenience of less walking, but too close to such high traffic areas can give you some noise also.

I looked at the plans, and there really doesn't seem to be a lot of not-obstructed oceanviews on that ship. All of the ones on the Emerald deck seem to be obstructed, (except for the few shown in dark purple on the plans). Otherwise the rest of the ocean views are on the Plaza deck, where you need to choose whether to be under the casino or the theater. (I would pick under the theater). The few on the Lido deck look very interesting.

Oh, by the way, if it's southern Caribbean in February that you want, you might want to look at the board's new group cruise on the Emerald. Almost the same ship, but newer. The group cruises are always lots of fun, and include a few extra perks.


Mrs. T, I can't help you. We are going on the Crown for the lst time in October, but Gayle's answer left me wondering, so I looked up the deck plans. Seems strange that most of the OV's are obstructed =shrug We always book a balcony. Is that an option for you? As Gayle said, Plaza deck has unobstructed. We have never stayed in a cabin that low before, but we had a cabin once on Lido and it was great. Just walked out the door and down the hall to the pool, buffet, etc. Beware Riviera "oceanview cabins." It says they are PORTHOLES :nono Good luck with your planning!


=yeah Gr8 advise from Gayle. U need to work VERY closely with your TA as there are some cabins that while being labeled as obstructed do have a view between the lifeboats. If all U are concerned with is some form of light coming into your cabin then any Oceanview cabin will do. If a view is necessary then either a Oceanview cabin on the Plaza deck or one with a view between the Life Boats on the Emerald Deck would be your choices. Good Luck and Enjoy. :thumb



I appreciate all the great responses. I'm guessing there would be less motion on the Plaza Deck too. Just wondering about noise from the floors above/beneath. I will read cruise reviews on this and other websites for the answer to that! Thanks.