Which port has the best picturesque views??



For all you seasoned cruisers, which of the ports that you've visited is the most beautiful??? I am into photography and enjoy taking lanscape/postcard perfect pictures.. What are some picture hotspots??? I haven't been to too many places but a top the mountain overlooking Magen's Bay has to be one of my favorite ones...


That could be a longggggg list! I'll stick to a few of my favorites:

St. Kitts - lush and green

Limon, Costa Rica (from the El Faro Restaurante - great view of city and the coastline)

Curacao harbor with the colorful buildings and floating bridge

the approach to the Panama Canal in the predawn twilight - it's a ship parking lot and awesome to see but tough to photograph


Ahhhh.... St. John. Beautiful photo ops everywhere you look! Many of the beaches themselves are great, lush, tropical shots, and several of the North Shore beaches have beautiful overlooks, especially Trunk Bay, Caneel, Cinnamon. The overlook near Bordeaux Mountain is awesome. Many great shots from the hiking trails as well.

Of course there's Paradise Point in St. Thomas, overlooking the harbor and Charlotte Amalie. You can also take a helicopter tour of the US and British Virgin Islands, if you want aerial shots.

Also the road running from one end of Virgin Gorda to the other has some awesome views and overlooks, but not many cruise ships stop there. You could do a day trip from Tortola if that's one of your stops.

Wow! So many others... from the fort overlooking Marigot harbor, St. Martin. Dunns River Fall, Jamaica. Pulling into the harbor in Grenada. Picture postcards on every island!


Hi, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Dominica get my vote. The morning we docked at St. Lucia was my favorite, it is so lush, and there were some fleeting dark clouds from overnight rain, and the sun coming through them and the green foliage... wow.


Dominica had a beutiful rainbow while we were there. For the interior, I think St. Kitts was the most picturesque.


For us it was the Dawn Princess back in 2001. I think currently the Golden and Sun Princess ships make regular stops at St. Kitts. I know that a number of other ships also stop there, but don't know which ones.


We were just in St John last week on our Glory cruise. MANY, MANY vistas for great picture taking. Also, Paradise Point on St Thomas makes for awesome, postcard-like photos of the harbor and the cruise ships! :)


For our family cruise in Nov., I been put in charge of setting up the excursions. For the last three trips that has been my "job". I have always hired local tour guides to do our trips, never a ship's excursion. I figure that the cruiseline has gotten enough of my $, I'd rather see a local person get it. Besides, most of these guides were born & raised there, they know what the local hi-lights are. There is some research involved, but we have had only good luck with the local guides, so I figure why mess with a good thing. Our stops this year are: St. Martin, St. Lucia, Barbados, St. kitts, and St Thomas. The problem I have, is that I gotten the names (all come highly recommended) of guides for all of the islands except St.Thomas (that's a day of fishing and shopping). Judging, from the posts, if I was to schedule island tours for two days, those islands should be St. Lucia & St. Kitts? Or are there places on the other named islands ( Barbados, St. Martin, & St Thomas), that are in anyone's opinion, things that should not be missed? Thanks for the help!


Definitely St John, USVI....we docked in St Thomas but took the ferry over to St John, rented a jeep and drove around the island and stopped along the way at sites specifically labeled for great views. It was so bueatiful there!!

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Lahaina, Maui and Hanalai Bay in Kauai are the best by far. In the Caribbean we both love St. John's USVI. St. Lucia is gorgeous from the ship or a small touring boat going up to Maragot Bay and the Pitons, but the poverty is pretty bad. Dominica is lush and green and picturesque.