Which Princess Ship?



Need help from Princess cruisers. We want to do Alaska next summer. Wanted to get a minisuite on Coral or Island but all the landside mini's are already sold out for July. Our other options with Princess are the Sun or the Dawn. My TA says they are both getting old and some of her customers have not been real happy, particularly with the Dawn.

Any comments? We have been on many Princess ships but never on any of the sun class. Need to reserve something so please help!


I think your TA may have gotten a little carried away. The Dawn is only six years old and was just refurbished last year. With the frenzy of new ships coming out everybody now thinks that a six year old ship is old, but it isn't. The Dawn & Sun are great ships, they're smaller compared to the giants coming out now, but 77,000 GRT is still a pretty big ship. We've always had a great experience with both, and I've seen lots of people on this board who say the same.

You have to watch out when customers are "not real happy". You need to know what specifically they're not real happy about. If they were expecting a giant ship with a video arcade and a disco in the sky, then they may be disappointed with the Dawn, and consider that a reason to be not real happy.

The Sun & Dawn are a bit more traditional ships, and perfect for Alaska. It all comes down to what you're really looking for, and what your expectations are.

Good Luck, and enjoy!

Princess Pat

In reference to your landside statement, I'm thinking you need to try another travel agency--as they hold blocks of rooms until about 90 days from the date of the cruise. Earlier this year I had to check with Princess to verify an offer when I left my regular TA and got an accommodation she couldn't get. In fact, that's an idea, call Princess direct.


Lady Jag

Also, you might want to try the Star Princess. Check out a few websites to see if the minis are truly sold out. Things change daily - people cancel, etc., and you never know when the cabin you want will open up. I find it very hard to believe that EVERY mini on the Coral & Island is sold out.



KB is right. The Sun will be in Europe next summer. The two ships doing Seattle RTs will be the Diamond and Sapphire.