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We are planning on a Alaskan cruise in June 2005. This will be our 6th cruise but our first to Alaska. We have been on Carnival 3 times & RCC 2 times. We really want a nice ship, to make this cruise a memorable one. I would appreciate any input or advice any one can give me. So which cruise ship should I choose.


We have a great group going aboard the beautiful Norwegian Star; seven day round trip departing from Seattle on June 27, 2004.

I have been on The Star twice and going back for more! There are many activites plus ten resturants to choose from (food and entertainment much better than Princess.)

We would love for you to join us on this great itinarery (includes Glacier Bay) at an even greater price!


The truth is that when you cruise Alaska the ship is deffinately not the thing you will be thinking of once you see the beauty of Alaska. Most any cruise line can do a good job in Alaska. If there is a cruise line you prefer use them to cruise Alaska if their price is right. Whatever ship you choose if you want to enjoy cruising Alaska you will be looking out the windows or will be outside because that is where the beauty is and no ship can compare to the beauty of Alaska. JMHO.

We have always used Princess in Alaska and had a great time but as I said most any cruise line can do a great job in Alaska so pick the ship that you prefer.


I must agree with the last post. You're going to remember Alaska itself more than the ship you are on. If you are considering doing a land package with your cruise then I would highly recommend Princess. They are the only cruise line that owns it's own properties. All other lines use various hotels. Princess has pioneered the cruising of Alaska.

If you are looking to do the cruise on it's own, then you're probably OK with going with whatever cruise line you like the most. Princess and Celebrity will offer you an upgrade over Carnival and RCCL without too much of a price increase if any at all.