Which Side of Infinity (Alaska) Ship Better?



Hi, everybody. I'm a newbie cruiser and also new here :)

I'm close to booking the Infinity for the Alaska/Inside Passage -- Hubbard Glacier cruise. Could members provide input on which side (left or right on the deck plan) is better, if there is a difference? Does one side give better views, esp of the Hubbard Glacier?

I am thinking about Infinity Cabins 8129, 8131, 8133 and 8135 (CC category). Do members have any experiences staying in one of those cabins?

8129 is adjacent to a Sky Suite on the Panorama deck. Would that affect balcony size/view?

Thanks very much in advance.


Your Cabin #s are in a good position . Rooms overhead rather than restaurant & Close to midship elevators.

View of Glacier from your room will be fine but I'll bet you will be out and about anyways so it will not matter. What you don't see going North you may see going south & visa versa so the side of the ship doesnt really matter,

If the ship docks the same way all the time as it used to you will likely be on the water side of all docks. Is that good or bad? toss up I guess.

Balcony size is same as all the rest except for those like 8045/46 that jut out if one can score those or similar rooms it's a bonus.