which side of ship?



On the Summit cruise that leaves from Fort Lauderdale and goes to Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Cozumel, Key West and Grand Cayman, is one side of the ship better than the other?

Spender Nui

When sailing out of FLL we always like the port side of the ship to enjoy the horns, bugles, flags and partying of those in the buildings as we sail through the jetties and out to sea.

Carol & Richard

We are on the same itinerary, and have chosen the starboard side (I think - right hand side when facing forwards?). Our reasoning was that we would be on the landward side whilst sailing south and east, then would have the sun in the mornings during the sea days back north - breakfast on the verandah sounds good!

Carol & Richard


I think it's six of one half doz of the other.
Costa Rica I'm not sure which side you dock(tender?) But GC you tender. Ft La is covered above when you leave. Aruba is starboard on the pier (usually) Keywest the same. Coz is a tossup but generally port to the Dock. for the bigger ships. I am not sure what the ship does in the Panama. If it actually goes in and out, side won't be an issue, you will get each side coming and going.