Which Snorkel excursion in Cozumel?


Don M

Greetings -

We're sailing on Mariner to Cozumel next January and want to go snorkeling. Has anyone taken any of the RCCL snorkel excursions? "Catch the Wave", "Snorkel Safari", or "Palancar Reef Snorkeling". Or have you taken a privately arranged snorkel trip? Any advice? (We're relatively experienced snorkelers, with our own equipment). Thanks!



Hi Don

We did a snorkelling trip from the Mariner in Cozumel. Im not sure of the exact name of our snorkelling trip but it was the one where the boat follows you. Anyway to cut a long story short i wouldnt recommend this particular snorkelling trip as there were far too many people (Rhapsody of the Seas passengers were on it as well) which made it, in my opinion, dangerous. You couldnt see the fish without somebody's flippers going in your face! and as for the splashing! well it was hopeless. If you try to go to a quiter spot you will be herded back to the group understandably so with so many people. If i had my time again i would try and and go on a privately arranged trip with a small group. Hope this helps.

Cruise cutie

We did "Fury Catamaran Sail and Snorkel " in Cozumel 2 years ago..DH Mark and I still consider this one of our best excursion snorkeling ever.my husband lives to snorkel and we were at Palancar Reef and it was incredible...:thumb...give them a check on the net..we did them through Princess at the time but I know lot's of others who swear by them too..Good luck..:wave..Joanne