White Pass for teens?!?!



Just making sure that my teenish (ages 13-18) are not going to be whinning at me for four hours on the White Pass Senic train ride. It looks great but anyone have first hand experience and would like to share it?:)


Also, anyone done a dog sled ride in either Juneau or Skagway?


White Pass is very beautiful to see, but with that in mind unless your kids are really into the outdoors and wildlife it could be very boring for a 13 and 18 year old. The real attraction of the White Pass is its history and its beauty.


I think 4 hours would be max! We took the 8 hour trip and it was very beautiful, but a lot of sitting.


It is gorgeous scenery, and amazing to think that it was built in just 26 months.... but the "tour" is not action packed. Thus, I guess it would depend on the interest level, maturity, and expectations of your teen.


My 18 year old's best friend did Alaska LAST year...and told our daughter that her parents MADE her take the train and it was the "most boring day of her life"...at least that's what she told OUR daughter...So, going in, with our daughter's protestations, we knew the train thing was a "no-go"...at least for the kids...

We considered taking the train ourselves and sending the daughters horseback riding (my older daughter's first choice excursion EVERYWHERE)...and finally decided to ALL do the horseback thing as a family...in some ways I am happy with that decision (with only six totlal on the trip it was very personal and special), in some ways I regret it (we were SORE from two hours on the horses!!)

At a minimum, send the kids on the horses...After 9 (out of 12) cruises with my kids, I think I've got a handle on what kids want...My guess is that if we'd done the train, both daughters would have slept through most of it (because they were up late every night on the ship)...