White Pass or Yukon Horseback riding----HELP!



Ok, one last question. Kids are saying Horseback riding instead of white pass train ride. Need help! Anyone have an opionion? I heard that the horseback riding was so awesome, but maybe not for our parents. Maybe we send them on the train ride:)



For the kids the horseback riding would probably be more fun but as you say it may not be for your parents. Either way there will be beautiful sites to see but IMHO the horseback ride would be more entertaining for the kids.

Night rider

The Yukon horseback should be highly rated as it was one of the best tours our family has done in many years. I know you can see the train tracks from the road while you drive in to the Emerald Lake ranch where the Yukon horseback begins. You may be able to go one way on the train and then get picked up by the tour vans... Have a look at www.yukonhorses.com to see what they have, or maybe contact Southeast tours as they may know the train schedules.

Good luck I hope you get to do both.



We were just on the Southeast Tours/Yukon Horses tour while on the Summit last week...

Southeast tours works in conjunction with Joanie at Yukon Horses for their tour...They take you by van from Skagway to Emerald Lake--where Joanie supplies the horseback riding, then you return to the ship by van...

White Pass IS the rout between Skagway, Alaska and Carcross, Yukon...you can do it by train or by highway...The train is an old-fashioned RR and that makes it interesting, but you will see a lot of the same scenery by either route...

My daughters love riding horses, which is why we did it...but, for me, and I haven't been on a horse in over 30 years, it was an interesting experience to say the least...my wife had it even worse...she had trouble walking the next two or three days...but it was a unique and special excursion...For older folks, unless they're into horses, I'd say take the train...

BTW, if you do go with horses, definitely do it with these guys and not with the ship excursion...The ship's excursion (at least the one offered by Celebrity) is half the time for the same price...and stays locally in the Skagway area, so you miss the White Pass scenery)

Have fun...



my sister and husband who have horses just got back from their alaska cruise. they took the southeast horseback riding tour and loved it. the guide jodi is wonderful and the horses are so tame but not tired out old nags. they are very well behaved and the whole tour was wonderful. i know you and the kids will love this tour. the scenery is fantastic and it was great fun. have a good time.