White Pass Rail & RCCL


Pat from Ottawa


Just thought I would share.

Being very frugal by nature, I decided to save money (for our group of 8) on the White Pass Rail by booking it direct. Advertised price of $89.00 US pp. RCCL website showed price of $127.00 pp.

To make a long story short, after getting a message back from White Pass Rail that only the 4:00 pm trip on our day was available which would not return us to ship in time for our departure, I decided to bite the bullet and book through cruise line.

In a fit of panic, cause it was last day to be able to prebook an excursion, I did the online booking. Once processed, the payment for RCCL (lots of availability) showed $127.00 Cdn. (at current exchange about $92.00 US) .

Realize now that when you browse excursions, they are listed in US dollars ($98.00), but when you book they switch to Cdn ($127.00) for some reason. Wasn't paying attention to the currency change and thought the price had increased.

Moral of the story, when booking direct, please make sure you are getting a deal and pay attention to the fine print.

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