White Water Rafting In Puerta Limon



I'd really like to go White Water Rafting in Limon Costa Rica, and the ship (Celebrity) does offer it, But I've read over and over about the outfits in the terminal offering Identical tours that the ships do in Limon ,, The Green Tent ? or Mambo tour? (supossitly) ... So I guess my question is..
Has anybody booked White Water rafting onshore in the terminal? If so , with who? ..Please Help, Because if I can't verifiy it's available , I'll have to book with "Celebrity" onboard and go with the HERD , can you say Moooo!



We did this excursion way back in 1989 when the port was new and the internet was not widly available. It is a wonderful experience. My kids, then 13/10, now 28/25 still talk about it. We did book it via the ship as that was all that was available at the time. As I recall, the name of the outfit was Rio Tropicales. I believe they are still doing this as I have seen them mentioned on various boards over the past year or 2.


I just returned from the Horizon (over Christmas) and I did the White Water Rafting. Loved it. Would do it again in a heart beat. I did do the Ship sponsored excursion though. I Was concerned about the distant traveled and making sure to make all the connections.


We did the Whitewater Rafting last year at this time and it was the best excursion we've ever taken. The outfit that has the contracts with most of the cruise lines still is Rio Tropicales and they are a very good outfit. I would think the Mambo Tour and others would be pretty good as well but pay attention to the amount of time you ship is in port. I believe that it's at least 7 hours or more total for the whitewater rafting excursion, counting bus travel time. If you have a full day there an independent tour wouldn't be much of a risk, in my opinion. If you are looking at an 8 hour stop in Limon, well..............