Whittier Transportation



We will be taking our first Alaska cruise on Princess Sun deparating Vancouver July 4, 05. Does anyone have suggestions on transportation out of Whittier? We're going to spend 4 days on land "doing our own thing," and want to make the most of our time. I'm also posting this message on the Princess forum since they are the only line that goes to Whittier.

I'm debating whether to book the train thru Princess or arrange for private transportation to meet us in Whittier to get us to Anchorage fast to pick up our minivan (4 people plus luggage).

Thru a websearch I found a company by the name of ALASKA TRANSPORTATION GROUP which charges $40 pp (about half what the train costs).

Is the train ride worth it?

Anyone have experience with ALASKA TRANSPORTATION GROUP? Any other companies?

Can't wait til July.


All indications are that there is no significant difference between the train and a bus or limo. The route and views are the same.

Princess charges about 55 bucks for a bus transfer, which goes to the airport. On my date (June 27th) the train is sold out anyway.

I assume you are getting a rate of 40 pp because you are averaging out the cost among several people? I don't think you can do much better than that - certainly not with ship transfers.