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who else would like to move to alaska?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by dusty, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. dusty

    dusty Guest

    does anyone else feel like me and would like to move to alaska after your visit there? if i could manage it i think i could very easily pack everything i could in my car and just drive there and live. anybody else??????
  2. kalei

    kalei Guest

    Reeeally??? Where did you go? What did you do? It seems like no matter where a person "vacations" they seem to wanna move there :) I'm going to Alaska next month! I'm soooooooooooooooo excited!
  3. dusty

    dusty Guest


    i was in the glacier bay and visited skagway, ketchikan and junoea. the air was so clean and fresh, absolutely beautiful viewing and the people were so nice and down to earth like me. i have lived in a small town my whole life so i am very used to the ''small town life''''. sometimes one just feels they need a change and i think that is were i am at. it is just dream, but a nice one.
  4. Griffen

    Griffen Guest

    dusty- did you find your 6 oz pepsis in vancouver you were so worried about....hmmm...Just kidding, glad you had a good time.
  5. kalei

    kalei Guest

    Really? The people are nice there?! Awesome! Thank goodness! Cuzz I'm like you, NICE! And from an island! So I'm used to the "ohana aloha" spirit. Man! Now I'm even more excited! I may wanna move there too! LOL
  6. dusty

    dusty Guest


    my cruise is not untill next may. thanks for asking though. i just cant do coke and need my PEPSI heheheheh.
  7. kana

    kana Guest

    LOL..........Just got back last night and to answer your question.......NOPE! I personally thought everything was incredibly beautiful and tranquil, but it certainly isn't somewhere I'd like to live. Sorry, but the people are either very very friendly or darn right weird. :)
    I guess what I didn't like about it is what people that live there find wonderful. I love my Internet, cell phones, high tech gadgets, nice new restrooms, restaurants and homes and what not.
    Don't get me wrong......I loved visiting, but it is too backwards or remote for my techy blood. It's like camping, it's nice and relaxing, but comforts are missing.
  8. I know someone from this board that would move there........I am sure he will chime in soon enough. I will let you know once I visit there.
  9. dusty

    dusty Guest

    SUER182---does he want company?? hahahahaha what is he doing ( if you know ) to make a go of it there?

    KANA---im glad you had a wonderful trip but im sorry you feel that way about the ports you went too. if you are not from a little town like i suppose it would seem ''' backwoods''' too you. i would fit right in, haha. i have lived with the wierd people and like they do all my life ( i must have my computer and microwave though ) so it would be wonderful too me. i am ready for a change of location and that would be my destination. keep visiting on trips and have fun that way.
  10. joeysmom

    joeysmom Guest

    I'm with you - would move in a second! I like Ketchikan but the rain would get to me. Juneau was my least favorite - way too touristy. I liked Skagway but understand it pretty much closes in September. I think anywhere south of Nome to Skagway and as far east as Denali would suit me fine...................
  11. Paulette

    Paulette Guest

    ITA Kana. I rarely visit anywhere without wondering what it would be like to live there. That feeling stays with me til I return home. I'm really not willing to give up many of my luxuries/neccessities for more than a short period. I was in Curitiba, Brazil for two weeks last year and loved, loved, loved it but I almost cried when I walked into my bedroom and layed down on my very own mattress. Pathetic isn't it? LOL
  12. kana

    kana Guest

    I really hope I didn't offend anyone......The people were really nice enough, but the ones I am talking about as being weird are the ones riding bikes with yellow snakes around their necks. There were some other funny things that we encountered so that is why I mentioned the "weird ones". The majority weren't weird and I apologize if I seemed to be classifying more people in that group. ;)

    I am a city girl and it just lacked the comforts of home. That is why it was a wonderful vacation, but isn't a dream to live there.

    I have been to several islands in the Caribbean and feel the same way, so it isn't anything against Alaska.

    So please except my apology if I indeed insulted anyone.
  13. PEB

    PEB Guest

    Ok someone mentioned this post to me so I had to take a look. I am the one Suer talked about that would gladly move to Alaska. In fact this last May when we cruised there we did go to check out some property.

    I for one love the beauty of the outdoors and being out in the middle of nowhere. I know kana meant no offense by their comments on weird people, however I would probably be considered one of those weird people. Kana not to argue and I mean no offense to you but I find many more weird people in the big cities than I will ever find out in the backwoods or country. All you need to do is walk down any busy street in a fair sized city and you will see some pretty strange people. It doesn't mean they are bad just different and a little out of the norm, which I prefer LOL.

    It may be quieter and there may not be all the activities and night life that you would find in the cities but being out in the wilderness in Alaska would suit me fine. After all it is not so easy to go out and watch the stars in the cities due to all the lights. It is not as easy to see all the beautiful wildlife in the cities as it is in Alaska. It is not as easy to see the beauty that mother nature has made, in the cities all you will see is man made things.

    I know Alaska is not for everyone and to me that is a good thing because if I get my wish and move there in the next few years I will still have the peace and quiet and be able to view Mother Natures work, which man has never been able to really match IMHO.
  14. dusty

    dusty Guest


    thanks for the great reply. you said exactly what i wish i had. we must be ''' twins seperated at birth'' haahahaha. i really would love to live there and i would fit right in. i am single and broke ( my cruise fund keeps me that way ) so sometimes i can be in the house all weekend and not go anywhere or see anyone. and in the winter time i am even worse . i live in the midwest and in a little village so get snowed in all the time. and there are plenty of wierd people right here in my home town along with the bigger cities and towns. it is a nice dream to have and im glad im not the only one who feels the same way.

    kana, i cant speak for peb, but you did not offend me. i am somewhat of a gypsy at heart so it would be easy for me too pack up and go if i had the funds. not everyone wants to live in the same place, that is why there are so many areas that cover the earth for people to live. you get used to where you grew up, the luxuries and comforts you get used too, then you live there for a long time and that is what you are comfortable and want to stay. i know plenty of people i work with who could not stand to stay in my town for a weekend and others like myself who dont want the hustle and bustle of the big town. so you will live where you do and others like peb and i will live that is good and enjoyable for us. and your right, someone riding a bike and having a yellow snake around their neck is weird!!! did you see that in alaska ???????

    Post Edited (07-06-04 18:21)
  15. kana

    kana Guest

    Yup, it was in Ketchikan. LOL
    He was a young guy riding up and down Creek street with that crazy thing around his neck trying to get reactions from everyone.

    Thank you, I'm glad I didn't offend some of you. ;)

    Post Edited (07-06-04 19:52)
  16. dusty

    dusty Guest


    that really is weird a very odd way to get attention .

    how did you like creek street. i thought it was a great place to shop and browse for things. i am looking for more unique things again the next time i go and have made up my mind to get an original russian nesting doll. they had gorgeous and signed ones in ketchikan and i am going to buy one this time. also i love to look for great paintings done by local artists. cant wait to go.
  17. alaskancruzr

    alaskancruzr Guest

    I not only would -- I did. We came up for a two year job committment - 10 years ago! We have what I think is the best of both worlds - we live in a city with all the conveniences and yet have spectacular views; moose, waterfowl, beaver, etc. that visit our backyard and are minutes away from true wilderness. One of my favorite things about Alaska is the people -- having lived in areas where values seemed so superficial and people were less than "neighborly", I really appreciate the 'be yourself' attitude and friendliness that is typical here. Glad everyone doesn't feel the same way though or they'd ALL move here - lol.
  18. dusty

    dusty Guest


    how wonderful. i am so envious. i would love to live that kind of life. maybe one day i will be able to say the same thing. thank you for giving me more info of how my '' dream life''' would be. dont use up all that gorgerous scenery before i get there--wink.
  19. alaskancruzr

    alaskancruzr Guest

    Dusty -- wouldn't think of it! This is the only place I've ever lived where I am still awed by it after ten years -- I don't think I could use it up in a lifetime. Hope your dream comes true someday!

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