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Who exactly do you tip?



My travel agent said to put aside $117 for tips approximately. Please tell me exactly who to tip? This is my first cruise, and I don't know who all the players are!

I do understand that the bartenders have their tip included in the price of the drink right?


This is from the back of the RCI brochure:

Here are the standard guidelines for tipping

Dining room waiter $3.50 per day, per person =$24.50
State room attendant $3.50 per day, per person = $24.50
Assistant waiter $2.00 per person, per day = $14.00
Total per person for the week =$63.00

So if there are 2 of you, the total would be $126 approximately... you can always tip more or less (a little extra is always appreciated, of course, for extraordinary service) depending on the level of service you feel you receive. These tips can be handed out directly, or put on your shipboard account, then RCI will distribute them accordingly. Bar tabs always have an automatic 15% gratuity added. Its customary to tip a few dollars for room service, baggage porters, and the like. Occasionally the head waiter will do something for you, a tip is appropriate in that case.

Enjoy your first cruise!


=yeah Also, don't forget tour guides - $1.00 or so per person and baggage handlers $1.00 per bag.


Tour guides... didn't think of that! So, in Catalina, when we go on the semi-submersible ride, we tip???


If you want really good service, you could pretip your room steward. We have read suggestions of using prepaid phone cards as a pretip. We tried it on our CCL Celebration cruise and hardly saw our room steward.

Hope it works better for RCCL.